[NBA] from black! Barkley three points contest was finished blasting

Reported on May 25, the thunder team fully prepare for the Western Conference finals, the TNT analyst Charles Barkley and his colleagues Ernie Johnson in empty in thunder’s home in Chesapeake energy arena held a only they two people to participate in the third ball contest, and let people surprised, Ernie Johnson won the final victory. This three point ball game looks very formal, enable the referee. In the first two ball rack (10 goals) competition, Barclay and Johnson were tied, and in the third goal frame of five balls in both separation of the outcome, in the five balls, Buckley a ball has not entered, and Johnson was maintaining a level hit three balls


In the fourth frame on both sides of the ball, hit the 2 ball, eventually won by Johnson 10-7 in each bowl 20 ball case. In the process of competition between the two sides, the same as the TNT commentator Smith – Kenny has been on the side of an interesting review, and they recorded the “NBA insider” program is very like. From the beginning of last season, Buckley for the warriors had been optimistic about. He thinks has been jumper team can not win. Buckley not curry is not clay Thompson, his career high season three pointers hit rate was 34% only, and their whole career three pointers hit rate of only 26%. But Barkley, after all, is a professional player, already a sports journalist Ernie Johnson and competition and he is soon to be 60 years old the and Johnson when young is not a professional player, 21 years old he opened career, can only say that is a basketball fan. So Barkley’s defeat will make people feel a little surprised. Author: Zhao Buchuan


[NBA] Nicks sought to get the first round of the deal to sign

May 28th: according to ESPN reporter Begley – Ian reported that the New York Nicks team is in this year’s draft pick a few of the few teams have no round of draft picks and no two round draft picks of the team. They want to be able to trade to a first round to help the team in the selection of a defender this year. The annual general meeting for the team, it means the potential and hope. When your team can choose some very promising rookie, you will always feel very excited, and you always want to own the team in the first round and second round draft pick some very good players. However, this year there are a few teams have lost all the draft picks, including the New York Nicks team. For a team, the most painful thing is obviously see a very favorite rookie, but did not pick the right to take it down. The Nicks team does not want in this year’s draft completely reduced to spectators. They are actively seeking deals to get a first terminal to pick, but now it seems the second round picks can be obtained more easily by. In recent weeks, Nicks has expressed some interest in several players. At the moment, their main focus is on two full backs. The Indiana University defender yogi – Ferrell, it is understood that he will be in the next month to accept the Nicks training team. Ferrell’s performance so impressed Nicks, last season he was in the University League midfielder can contribute 5.5 points and 17 assists, his three point shooting hit rate as high as 40%


According to sources, the Knicks at Chicago’s United for a trial period of from the University of Kansas defender Wayne Selden conducted training and also expressed to him the team’s intention. Selden stands at 6 feet 6, a tall defender who is a favorite of Jackson Phil in the Chicago bulls and the Losangeles Lakers. In 2013, the Knicks to trade get Andrea Bargnani, to the Toronto Raptors sent the team in this season first round pick as a bargaining chip. And their second round draft pick in 2012, as early as Felton’s deal, the current draft in the hands of the Houston rockets in the hands of the. The Knicks is lacking a control point guard, this season they had to use the old Calderon as the team’s starting point guard. In the free market this summer, the Nicks team will strive to pursue an outstanding ability to control the ball back. Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] star of the show: Gasol’s old Zeyang?

May 28th report: social networks have become increasingly developed, and the frequency of the players and their families with social networks is getting higher and higher. As fans, always hope that understanding the stars, the following is for you to organize today instagram and Tumblr those fun things, as a big star show come and see! “Lebron’s wife sent a picture to congratulate her husband:” for 6 consecutive years to qualify for the finals! Proud of my men!” James said is Drake, but look at the mouth, like…… “Handsome!” Even the eastern championship trophy, also had security! After the game has been holding the trophy JR. Three giants to participate in the conference, JR on the next reminder, saying, this is a very heavy cargo ah!” McGrady made plans to congratulate LBJ for 6 consecutive years in the finals, are really young at that time…… I love you. 2001 today, the Lakers beat the Spurs in the playoffs to achieve a third consecutive sweep. They lost only 1 games that year. Rubio’s mother died of cancer, the memory of the mother. Howard and her daughter play together, is that you? The warriors to Oklahoma, tying or grab seven? Gasol went back to Spain, and his brother to see Coldplay’s concert

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Little Gasol look like it is not out of the 93 years, had played in the UCLA, but now has been back to Spain, in the local fight, the basic will not come to NBA. But he is very interesting, often in the United States on the forum Reddit debate with friends about the two brothers on the matter, on the bulls and bears and other NBA team will talk about. More funny is also posting asking “you feel Adria – what about Gasol,” he replies to the…… He said that the relationship with Mark better, because in fact the age difference between the three brothers is very big, with Mark’s time is still relatively long. At age 36, small 31 years old, 23 years old and small, indeed the span is not small. (PS this figure looked a bit like Conley wood……) Bohr Tianjin Hodges training. Lawson’s gold chains. Ci Shiping’s Chinese girlfriend graduated from the law department. Feel good inspirational ah…… Anthony to the MetS MLB kickoff, the two teams are orange and blue color. But in fact, on the New York ball, Nicks should be more similar with the Yankees, after all, is a veteran of the giants. The Mets with nets relationship should be better, like Mets and Nets, name, and a football team called Jets…… Lillard found Kanye wearing his signature shoes, pleased to send shows. To know Kanye is to design the coconut, but there are also netizens pointed out that he is completely in the mix, did not find also wore the Miami’s big pants?! Author:

[NBA] listen to Durant about his love and Oklahoma City

The /Lee Jenkins translation /Kewell (Note: This article was published on May 25, 2016) in his in Oklahoma City of villa living room, Durant can see distant Devon Energy Center, a building more than 50 storey skyscrapers. No matter in the vicinity of a walk or go out to dump garbage, Durant can see the glass reflection of the light, so that he recalled the summer of 2008, he just moved here when the scene. “I have always felt that their own lives in a small place, although I like small cities close feeling, but here like a ghost town as, downtown is not downtown, no a high-rise building. And now I see that building, just like a lighthouse, reminding me of what it was like to start here.” He said. At that time, the 20 year old Durant and his young teammates also only in a roller skating rink in training, three hours a day. Is a manufacturer of dog training field near the factory, always smell smell. Every day they finished training sprint, then hid in the house of Durant, on the couch and play the game or eat chicken wings. Thunder general manager Pulis – Sam said: “at that time we did not have any facilities.” When to start the season with 3 wins and 29 losses in the home court against Nicks supersonic, the fans have fallen into madness. Price Siti also asked the staff what happened, the results get the reply is: “we have won the New York! That’s the big apple!” Thunder in the second season after the relocation of the playoffs, the third season is into the Western Conference finals, the fourth season is the finals. Their home court is famous for their noise. In October 2012, the thunder James harden traded to Houston, and then Weiss and yibaka have been injured. “Mom, what happened?”” Durant asked himself. Last season, he also suffered a foot injury, but the thunder also missed the playoffs. “We had a good, but suddenly everything down.” He said. A new collective bargaining agreement allowed the thunder to difficult to retain all of the core players, Reggie Jackson also because of dissatisfaction with the left, suffering from love of Scott Brooks fired, thunder’s future seems to be at stake. “This job is too fragile. But we will not find an excuse, will continue to struggle.” Durant said. Thunder management layer sizes than just moved to expanded by almost doubled, Price Siti training many smart, talented young people, so that they become the top, the team also hired a sports scientist and a health management experts. They have a new training center, the local farm to provide the team with a professional mix of diet. Adu and Weiss together, would like to Losangeles and New York, such a big city, where all the gold will shine, even from the bottom of the background, they can still become a global icon. Now the thunder returned to the Western Conference finals, still G3 victory over the warriors 28 points. It is six years the fourth time they play here, they in this period of time made 66.5% winning percentage, in all professional teams after the Patriots, spurs and packers team. In the face of the warriors, they have not been optimistic about the original. They have never won the title, and Adu will be a free agent in the summer. “We’re all around the goal of winning


” Adu said, “who won the crown? Who can win the championship? If you do not win, then you are a loser, not the first one, that is the last one. I want a championship than anyone, but to be honest, experienced so many, I also know that Jane farewell.” For example, out of the window four years ago before the completion of the skyscraper. “It’s not just that. When I in the town center drive, through the Asian living area, seeing a wide variety of people, feel the city is actually follow the team grow together. ” He said. Generally speaking, people tend to exaggerate the team or city construction influence, but this is obviously the Oklahoma City. Thunder to the Oklahoma City a global brand, “Mayor Mick Cornett says,” the team to bring our exposure is immeasurable, you in foreign countries tell others say you are from Oklahoma, they will immediately think of Kevin Durant. ” Whether Adu is the first player in the league, he has little influence on the local influence. “When I was a child, I lived in a 30 minute drive from Washington, DC, but there was nothing new in my life.” He said, “but here, everything is new. This is a nearby New aloft hotel just opened, I also want to run the newly built bridge. In the back of my house, there are a lot of new family moved to the home. Beside the highway to the arena, many of the old car wash shop also demolished to build a new apartment.” “I know it has nothing to do with the title, but there are always new players, new records and new titles. And we talk about life, people’s work and life, which is very meaningful in the next 40 years, I feel particularly cool.” He said. Now, Durant said every word will by countless interpretation, 27 years old, he almost single handedly changed the fate of this team. But now guess what kind of choice he will make a month after he has no sense, leaving the city of love too much. He has the pressure to win, thunder this season even won 55 games, but still can not match the 67 wins and 73 wins the spurs. “The Spurs and the warriors have always won. You think you should be like them.” Durant said, encountered a two losing streak, I go home after the pressure is particularly large. Even if it is to win, I have pressure, such as overtime win at Nicks, I think, should not be fully played so hard! When you want something, to pay for this countless efforts, if not become paranoid, it’s input is not enough. ” Thunder coach Billy Donovan squad test was also carried out. A small lineup is let Ibaka played center, Durant hit big forward; Twin Towers lineup flagship Adams and Kanter. He sometimes let double less played with the first section, to the bench in the second quarter has more freedom to play space. He no longer oppress each ball, but the team more defensive third ball; he emphasized moving without the ball side, making more of a mobile phone. “I have to take a risk.” Donovan said, “I need to find the answer to the question. Sometimes, no matter whether the idea is good or bad, you have to try it. I also told you that the season will not be plain sailing.” They were all stars at a time after the 12 war 8, but Donovan look at the May. When Durant sends a message to the senior, he gets the answer: stick to it. The thunder management to Donovan likened to a chiropractor. He has done is to relieve the long existed problems, even if the process is full of pain, but it is definitely effective. Donovan tested the thunder, which is the reason why the thunder chose him. Price Siti likes to draw inspiration from the artist’s work, but when he went to inspect the University players, but also always used to do enough work, and even visit the University Professor, asked the player’s performance. The experience of going to the University of Florida to make him feel particularly happy, more than a million in August each year held a Coaching Seminar, Pulis is very like to participate in. Donovan had previously refused to NBA, but the thunder with the magic of 2007 is different, not only because of the existence of double. “It always reminds me of the team that I once had.” He said. When Price Siti interview with him, two people talk about the value of more than a tactical content, Price Siti constantly mentioned such as “legend”, “community”, “stable” such words. Thunder management has always been meticulous style. Each basketball team are printed on a standard bottle of organic juice have labels, and always outward. They will hold cooking training classes for the players, when the hurricane struck, the team will conduct climate research, answer questions. When the team on the road over Christmas, they will let some of the “Santa” visit the staff’s home, a greeting. They would go to the farm for a picnic every September, and Durant and Weiss played football together, and there were photographers to record every moment of fun. “To a certain extent, it is not the same as any other team.” Nazir Mohammed said, “even if we are getting old, but the team still has the atmosphere of university. That’s what Sam wants.” Price Siti is only 39 years old, wearing Sven’s glasses, he is more willing to talk about “human nature”, “overall” these words. Coordinator of basketball operations for the thunder is a black woman, which in the NBA is very rare; thunder development alliance team coach is for foreign coaches, video editors used to be a blogger. Whenever a player do surgery, Price Siti will also personally at the door; players such as anesthetics recovered from. He is still in them. Mohammed is also determined to be the general manager of the people, he had applied for a day in the winter with Pulis work one day. He is fascinated by the details of the work, such as how the players are doing the breakfast, how to make a reminder for the team’s community activities, and then to meet with the training team to discuss. Price Siti agreed, but the condition is that he must go with the development of the League to play in Dhaka – Johnson training together. Mohammed is very happy to drive to work at the headquarters of the Oklahoma City Blue team. Price Siti very pay attention to let the experienced people to help young stars. He is in charge of Durant, Wes, Serge Ibaka and Nick collison called the father of team building, they although still young, but also to undertake coaching responsibilities. Durant is Duhem Witters’s mentor, Weiss is responsible for the guidance of rookie Cameron payne. Last summer, collison invited Adams to visit his home in Seattle, two people every day to near the university training, also playing ski. In the Western Conference finals G1 early in the morning, Durant after the shooting training to the people together. Then he said, “I am willing to speak to the whole team. I believe they have received messages from family and friends, and I feel it is necessary to tell them to relax. If the warriors hit a climax, do not worry about tension, continue to adhere to play their own game. This is the theme of our season.” Last spring, Durant still keeps a foot injury, wearing a protective boot, only cycling. He looked at Weiss hard going forward, the historical stage play performance, he couldn’t help imagine when his comeback after, two people together will be like. “I have to use a different point of view of the game, how to play in order to not interfere with his play? This is my challenge. Before I used to control the ball, I cut a 35 points. But now we have Weiss, Kanter, Duhem, Sergi, and we are more powerful. So when I get the ball, super efficient, can no longer to dunk a waste of energy must to every ball as the final goal to vote. ” As a result, he changed his playing rhythm, began to rest at the end of the first quarter, his technical foul also greatly reduced. In the regular season, he averaged 28.2 points and 8.2 rebounds and 5 assists.

[NBA] Lori turned “cannon” 5 deadly fire

The Toronto Raptors back to the home court against Miami miami. The Raptors and Miami in previous series four games to 2 2 draw. This war is related to which team can get the first match point. The game, raptors team headed star Lori at a critical moment even 5 points to help the Raptors to a 99-91 victory over the Miami Heat and the total score to 3-2. A comprehensive data match, Lori scored 25 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals. Since entering the playoffs, Lori’s projection skills seem completely lost. The first round of the playoffs against the Indiana Pacers, he had a shooting more than 50%. Into the second round of the playoffs, Lori still did not find a shooting star. After four games, Lori only series of war game third shot hit rate of over 50%, and the remaining three games hit rate in three as the following. On a game, Lori is the audience only 11 voted three, points in the 6 shot 0. In this game, Lori’s attack started from a breakthrough in making a foul. Shortly after the match began, Lori use strong body carrying Dragic forcibly break layup caused a foul of each other, firmly two penalty all opened the scoring for the team. Although a war on the three-point shot 6 0, but this did not affect the Lori’s confidence, he in the first quarter left 9 minutes and 10 seconds of time, Patterson received a pass immediately decisive shot, hit the man of the match the first three pointers. The first section of the game, Lori hit two three pointers, single scored 9 points, led the Raptors made the 28-18 10 point lead

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Lori from Philadelphia, his court style is always a tough known, Lori play Fearless is affectionately known as the “cannon”. Section first race, Lori scraping eyebrow angle were injured, but he just end doctor to receive simple processing, close to a band aid will continue to return to the field battle. Lori fell in the third quarter, a single shot 7 shot only hit the 1 ball to get 2 points. Fortunately, the Raptors also a core player Derozan stood promptly, he single day got 11 points, help Raptors but will be widened to 13 points. Lori in the fourth quarter continue to suffer from limitations of the Miami Heat, break layup by rival capping, four times in a row in the distance shot projection and then another blacksmith. The heat is also in one fell swoop will be reduced to a difference of 3 points. At the end of the game, 52.5 seconds, Lori facing the heat midfielder Richardson hit the a difficult 3-pointers, help Raptors stability control the situation. At the crucial moment, the game became the stage for Lori and Wade’s two star players. Since then, Wade quickly got two points in color. Turn around, Lori once again hit the middle distance projection, gave the perfect response! While Wade is forced to break layup, the ball was regarded as two points after interference than bo. Although Weideliande four points, but not much time left, the Raptors eventually beat the heat 99-91. Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] melon support LBJ former coach to coach New York

May 12, it was reported: “New York Post”, according to an understanding of the idea of Anthony insider revealed, Anthony support former Cavs coach Sepp Blatter has become the new coach of the Knicks. Blatter was interviewed by Nicks two weeks ago. Insiders said that Anthony is in favor of Blatter coach, because the value of Blatter’s coaching success in overseas experience. And this is for Nicks’s future star Pohl Zingis is very good, Pohl Zingis is also an international player. Insiders also said that Anthony felt with Sepp Blatter’s experience to Boer ferry gies developed into an all star player. Blatter had previously taught Israel, the Russian league, the record is brilliant, but also with the Russian men’s basketball team, and in 2012 the London Olympic Games was a bronze medal. After the Knicks fired Fisher, they let the assistant coach Kurt Rambis has been acting manager positions, but the message is displayed, Boer ferry Regis to Rambis early for their own use and not very cold. However, things have changed, Pohl Zingis feeling changed, he does not support who in the Xuanshuai in. Anthony this season has been stressed that he will not change the contract in the trading veto, he still wants to stay in Nicks, as the team’s future. However, he for Phil Jackson seems intent on give Rambis positive a little worried recently Anthony has also been said that he is willing to provide advice to the team Xuanshuai. The insider said, Anthony Rambis also respect him, love, but reservations


Although Antony had been asked to participate in the commander-in-chief, but since the Knicks at the end of the season the team after the open, the four week he didn’t and Jackson has been in contact. Beijing time on January 23rd, Knight fired coach Blatter. The European basketball coach also ended his short experience in NBA1 and a half season. In summer 2014, Blatter to join the knights, when team’s goal is to rebuild, however, LeBron James announced the return of, this also let the goal of the reconstruction of the original about into the title race. This season, the relationship between Blatter and LeBron, Loew is still not much progress, and he coached in the aspects of performance nor too bright, especially in the warriors, the Spurs game, when a did not win that might affect his class of fuse. Blatter’s record is 30 wins and 11 losses this season. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] champion “Rainbow people” soared in three minutes

This summer’s NBA draft, the Simmons has always been popular candidate for the champion, he has shown on the pitch potential let him have been optimistic about the parties, but the majority of the NBA fans may not know Simmons football is very good. Not long ago, the Simmons has updated his twitter, in pushing on Simmons upload the period of him on the training field of video, saw the light arm Simmons inside the three-point line back to the basket and a brilliant mind after heel to pick the ball movement to stir up the ball, then to the three-point line pick the ball turned, and steady shot hit the long shot it down. And hit such a special three ball, Simmons was very happy and he lifted up his hands around the running in a circle, and background music in came the roar of the bystander excited, apparently be shocked at Simmons soccer skills. Heel to pick the ball such technical movements in the football field is often referred to as “Rainbow extraordinary, is a very unusual exceptional skills, for football fans in general, is not so easy to master

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And Simmons can not only use this action his assists, but also hit the next three points, which shows the he good athleticism to know compared to the football player, his height 2 meters 06 indeed will be significantly too high a number, make this kind of action more pick war of the. Basketball field Ximengxi actually has the totipotency, his coach in high school called the can in the basketball court from 1 to 5, just know his footwork is so amazing people should not. Author: Zhao Buchuan