[NBA] another person? The Lakers don’t chase Deluozan exposure

According to the bleachers sports “well-known reporter Kevin Ding reports, looks Toronto Raptors leading scorer Derozan become possibility Bryant successor is not high, multiple sources have said that the Los Angeles Lakers for Derozan interest is not high, they in this summer of Hugh offseason and not chasing Derozan listed as a priority for the team. Lakers superstar point guard Bryant Kobe has officially announced his retirement after the regular season of the season. The Lakers need to find a scoring ace to fill the gap left by Kobe. According to earlier media reports, the Lakers will target the Raptors point guard DeRozan body. DeRozan is a native of Losangeles, the same is currently the league’s top scoring guard in the leader


This season, DeMar Derozan field can with 23.5 points and 4.5 rebounds and 4 assists, leading scorer, also help Raptors made the eastern part of the success of the second, and eventually reached the Eastern Conference finals. DeMar Derozan in playoff performance has ups and downs, playoffs he can team with 20.9 points and 4.2 rebounds and 2.7 assists, shooting rate of less than four percent, three ball hit rate of less than two percent, the data were compared with the regular season decline. But DeRozan is still the Raptors array in the playoffs leading scorer. In the eastern finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers, DeMar Derozan condition obvious rise, averaging scored 23 points, and the team at home even win the Cavaliers two. In accordance with the provisions, the Lakers up to for Derozan sent a four years is worth a total $1.07 billion contract, and raptors most can to offer him a reached 5 in total 145 million contract. And DeMar Derozan previously in an interview clearly wants to stay in the determination of the Raptors: “I grew up in Los Angeles, where is my hometown, but the one thing that attracts me is I now the team have done things, I wearing the Raptors shirt proud.” Perhaps it is Derozan has repeatedly expressed want to play for the Toronto Raptors team loyalty, together with him in the playoffs in the state of ups and downs, let the Lakers also dispelled in chasing his intention. However, the Lakers in this year’s draft has a Bangyan sign, they can use this to sign a to choose one of the Simmons or Brandon Ingram two super rookie. Coupled with the Lakers team of Russell, Clarkson and Randall potential teenager, the Lakers bright future is not far away. Author: Hu Hu