[NBA] champion “Rainbow people” soared in three minutes

This summer’s NBA draft, the Simmons has always been popular candidate for the champion, he has shown on the pitch potential let him have been optimistic about the parties, but the majority of the NBA fans may not know Simmons football is very good. Not long ago, the Simmons has updated his twitter, in pushing on Simmons upload the period of him on the training field of video, saw the light arm Simmons inside the three-point line back to the basket and a brilliant mind after heel to pick the ball movement to stir up the ball, then to the three-point line pick the ball turned, and steady shot hit the long shot it down. And hit such a special three ball, Simmons was very happy and he lifted up his hands around the running in a circle, and background music in came the roar of the bystander excited, apparently be shocked at Simmons soccer skills. Heel to pick the ball such technical movements in the football field is often referred to as “Rainbow extraordinary, is a very unusual exceptional skills, for football fans in general, is not so easy to master

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And Simmons can not only use this action his assists, but also hit the next three points, which shows the he good athleticism to know compared to the football player, his height 2 meters 06 indeed will be significantly too high a number, make this kind of action more pick war of the. Basketball field Ximengxi actually has the totipotency, his coach in high school called the can in the basketball court from 1 to 5, just know his footwork is so amazing people should not. Author: Zhao Buchuan