[NBA] from what A De experienced a savior into spectators

Spurs home 91-95 defeat the thunder, big score 2-3 backwardness, LaMarcus Aldridge played 37 minutes, 21 shots in 6 get 20 points and nine rebounds 3 assists and 2 steals a capping, data, Aldridge is qualified, efficiency, the first two games of the series life in rate of over 7% of the contrast, the last three games he played too mediocre, more important is to the distal, Aldridge only in the opening took three points, the rest of the time only two blacksmith, including a near distance super large vacancy in. Remember the forward LaMarcus Aldridge World War Two runaway, media have analyzed his influence on the game and have the advantage of speed and skill of Adams, face Ibaka can rely on a powerful force to the Spurs in. Aldridge growth rapidly; however, the following two battle he Xun rate regression pioneer level, every 10 iron that is uncomfortable, look and defensive strategy of the thunder did not change, still did not Aldridge by inclusion, so is LaMarcus Aldridge lost touch or two wars before his performance but some extraordinary? Specific to today, Aldridge opening first score is off Bulan, first day only 2 points for Houston, including multiple shooting and passing errors


Thunder defense is very good? Not necessarily, but they are a part of the efficiency of the league, rebounding protection. When the ball hit the basket pop-up, Adams, Ibaka are like a hungry wolf rushed to the basket, Aldridge in the high-intensity combat not only affects the feel, also quickly eat into the two fouls was changed to rest. Festival back, Aldridge feels still does not improve, hit the last 3 minutes of the first half, he was and Parker hit roll with mid-range jumper succeeded, back to the first two, the Spurs to Aldridge many opportunities to low singles, the last few games why he singles less? Is not the accident and the thigh injury has a relationship, I am afraid that only Aldridge himself was clear. What we can see is that only Aldridge is in a state of rapid decline, he hit the first ball in the second half, which is a better sense of his attack? For 7 minutes, Aldridge didn’t score, he again hit the jumper is section 3 and 4 minutes and 43 seconds of things, this goal seems to ignite the Aldridge feels, he took 5 points and helped the Spurs to firmly hold the leading, the distal opening is he even held his state were divided into 3 good, 8 minutes and 10 seconds, Aldridge missed a jumper was changed to rest, who would have thought that this substitution of players put his hand just lit the fire completely extinguished by. Look at a few minutes later he came back what happened, 2 minutes and 39 seconds, with Aldridge and Leonard, at the free throw line in a step to get the ball and him three meters no defense, his jump shot unexpectedly also missed the rim into the last 2 minutes of the thunder evened the score, Aldridge Bulan does not, the outcome of the game and he had nothing to do, spurs only by Leonard Parker and hard to support, but key 2 + 1 dimensional less stabbed the Spurs fatal knife, the final score frames in 91-95, the Spurs lost King Hill, big score 2-3 backwardness. Author: John