[NBA] Green’s Diary: it’s important to be encouraged by Kobe.

In the Western Conference finals fifth, the warriors 120-111 to overcome the thunder, to avoid the fate of the home being eliminated. After playing bad Green recovered in Oklahoma City, had 11 points and 13 rebounds and 4 blocks. Warriors look forward to creating history, but in the history of NBA, only 9 teams in the 1-3 behind the situation successfully reversed. In the latest “Green diary”, he talked about his efforts to adjust the state, the full text of the following: Kobe’s message is very important for me. I told him on Wednesday, he told me: “if it is so easy to create history, why do we have to work hard?” This is especially important to me because he is the man who has been through it. He has done so great in the game, so it is important for me to get his encouragement at such a difficult time. Before G5, I was really nervous, I was eager to play, to come up with a better performance for the team to win, to get rid of the monkey (figurative pressure) on our back. We have to prepare for the next game in Oklahoma city. I’m wearing all black to take part in the game because I’ve come to fight. I’m not in order to take pictures, show something, I was to fight. It all depends on my mind, I do not want to consider wearing a waste of excess experience, casual wear a black dress on it. Next, we must maintain the same attitude, that is the fight to the end. In the away environment will be hostile, will definitely play very difficult. But we just need to meet one is enough, do not need to win three or four games, so we have to fight to do everything to fight. We can not relax, because it is still in the backward 2-3, each of which is seventh. I don’t think my state has been fully restored, but it should have been in the right direction. I will always work hard, I believe you can play more smoothly, the state is getting better and better. I can’t control how the game evolved, but I can control my efforts. I do not have a deep reflection on what, just do yourself, looking for real yourself


In the past few days I have done so, I told myself, I can be better than anyone in the world to do their own. Author: Kewell