[NBA] Lori turned “cannon” 5 deadly fire

The Toronto Raptors back to the home court against Miami miami. The Raptors and Miami in previous series four games to 2 2 draw. This war is related to which team can get the first match point. The game, raptors team headed star Lori at a critical moment even 5 points to help the Raptors to a 99-91 victory over the Miami Heat and the total score to 3-2. A comprehensive data match, Lori scored 25 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals. Since entering the playoffs, Lori’s projection skills seem completely lost. The first round of the playoffs against the Indiana Pacers, he had a shooting more than 50%. Into the second round of the playoffs, Lori still did not find a shooting star. After four games, Lori only series of war game third shot hit rate of over 50%, and the remaining three games hit rate in three as the following. On a game, Lori is the audience only 11 voted three, points in the 6 shot 0. In this game, Lori’s attack started from a breakthrough in making a foul. Shortly after the match began, Lori use strong body carrying Dragic forcibly break layup caused a foul of each other, firmly two penalty all opened the scoring for the team. Although a war on the three-point shot 6 0, but this did not affect the Lori’s confidence, he in the first quarter left 9 minutes and 10 seconds of time, Patterson received a pass immediately decisive shot, hit the man of the match the first three pointers. The first section of the game, Lori hit two three pointers, single scored 9 points, led the Raptors made the 28-18 10 point lead

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Lori from Philadelphia, his court style is always a tough known, Lori play Fearless is affectionately known as the “cannon”. Section first race, Lori scraping eyebrow angle were injured, but he just end doctor to receive simple processing, close to a band aid will continue to return to the field battle. Lori fell in the third quarter, a single shot 7 shot only hit the 1 ball to get 2 points. Fortunately, the Raptors also a core player Derozan stood promptly, he single day got 11 points, help Raptors but will be widened to 13 points. Lori in the fourth quarter continue to suffer from limitations of the Miami Heat, break layup by rival capping, four times in a row in the distance shot projection and then another blacksmith. The heat is also in one fell swoop will be reduced to a difference of 3 points. At the end of the game, 52.5 seconds, Lori facing the heat midfielder Richardson hit the a difficult 3-pointers, help Raptors stability control the situation. At the crucial moment, the game became the stage for Lori and Wade’s two star players. Since then, Wade quickly got two points in color. Turn around, Lori once again hit the middle distance projection, gave the perfect response! While Wade is forced to break layup, the ball was regarded as two points after interference than bo. Although Weideliande four points, but not much time left, the Raptors eventually beat the heat 99-91. Author: Hu Hu