[NBA] Nicks sought to get the first round of the deal to sign

May 28th: according to ESPN reporter Begley – Ian reported that the New York Nicks team is in this year’s draft pick a few of the few teams have no round of draft picks and no two round draft picks of the team. They want to be able to trade to a first round to help the team in the selection of a defender this year. The annual general meeting for the team, it means the potential and hope. When your team can choose some very promising rookie, you will always feel very excited, and you always want to own the team in the first round and second round draft pick some very good players. However, this year there are a few teams have lost all the draft picks, including the New York Nicks team. For a team, the most painful thing is obviously see a very favorite rookie, but did not pick the right to take it down. The Nicks team does not want in this year’s draft completely reduced to spectators. They are actively seeking deals to get a first terminal to pick, but now it seems the second round picks can be obtained more easily by. In recent weeks, Nicks has expressed some interest in several players. At the moment, their main focus is on two full backs. The Indiana University defender yogi – Ferrell, it is understood that he will be in the next month to accept the Nicks training team. Ferrell’s performance so impressed Nicks, last season he was in the University League midfielder can contribute 5.5 points and 17 assists, his three point shooting hit rate as high as 40%


According to sources, the Knicks at Chicago’s United for a trial period of from the University of Kansas defender Wayne Selden conducted training and also expressed to him the team’s intention. Selden stands at 6 feet 6, a tall defender who is a favorite of Jackson Phil in the Chicago bulls and the Losangeles Lakers. In 2013, the Knicks to trade get Andrea Bargnani, to the Toronto Raptors sent the team in this season first round pick as a bargaining chip. And their second round draft pick in 2012, as early as Felton’s deal, the current draft in the hands of the Houston rockets in the hands of the. The Knicks is lacking a control point guard, this season they had to use the old Calderon as the team’s starting point guard. In the free market this summer, the Nicks team will strive to pursue an outstanding ability to control the ball back. Author: Hu Hu