[NBA] note: can the 0 satirical irony warriors make it

In today’s game against the warriors, the warriors first festival in the first quarter ended 1 minutes before eating the team’s first foul, but this has also been the consensus of fans and reporters tucao. NBA’s well-known understand Timor, Oprah commentator, Bill Simmons in front of the Warriors team fouls on push questioned said: “the warriors if the audience did not foul Niu x the

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” And another reporter ray ray more than hair says, three judges today in the last blow penalty warriors game, the warriors of the record is 18 wins 1 negative, but the his speech soon was fans to refute, a fan said that warriors regular season altogether lost nine games, he sa and blowing one, how do you still want to. The first section of the thunder team 21-28 behind, their hit rate of 28%, while the warriors hit rate as high as 48%. Author: nihil