[NBA] Popovich jokes Duncan Manu stay for 5 years

May 14th report: the Spurs in the Western semi finals by the thunder 2-4 out of the game, no doubt very sorry. After all, they played 67 wins in the regular season record, has been considered to be one of the most likely to challenge the team. But the loss is to lose, the Spurs did not try to fight the thunder, coach Popovich in the end of the season did not reveal the meaning of the end of the season. “This is an excellent team, really, we all work hard, play together is very interesting.” He said, is that they make the work become interesting, they have done their best to play the best, I am satisfied with the attitude and perseverance, this is really a special team.” Now leave the spurs the biggest question is whether Duncan and Ginobili will choose to retire in the summer. Wave handsome also don’t know the answer to this question, but he also admitted that if they leave, it will be different. “Each team has its own identity, but when some people leave, the identity will change.” He said, “we’ll talk about how they will choose this summer, and I don’t know. Maybe they will decide to pick a time to leave for the next five years. I’m kidding, you can laugh……” “If they are not, walked into the hall, will definitely feel something different.” Wave handsome say. For the Spurs in the future will enhance the place, the wave handsome said on the bench


In this series, the Spurs bench was very bad. “The playoffs will, of course, greatly affect our decision, almost every year and we have since bench to play, to win, team has more players than the opponent to play well.” “We don’t have enough depth, so it’s a great opportunity to waste G2 and G5, and if we can win it.” Wave handsome said, but did not win and no way. Measure the current lineup, can enhance the speed, so that the overall younger is certainly more important aspect.” “We’ll keep moving forward, RC (Buford) and I will sit down and talk about the lineup and what the team is going to do in the future. Regardless of the win, we will talk about it every year.” He said. Author: Kewell