[NBA] rob 7: no success only hero consciousness!

Warriors VS thunder, this round of the series is really bad! I am referring to the fans’ user experience”. Certainly there are people with me as in the morning 4 point of G7 eagerly to hope, millions of people in the dream watching obscenity and screaming “Wow!”. TNN really worried, though my heart was gone sb. And in a few hours, on the day of the “Memorial Day (Memorial Day)”, the fate of the judge will in the book of life and death for this year’s push underwriting, oh no, is button for the alliance’s future 5 years press wave machine. Early summer Weiyang, where union leader will point to? It is easy to imagine: Eve Lee Teuk warrior fighting triggered at any moment, full flame – Lawrence fallen heroes stands! Tragic, heavy, suffocating, tragic flavor – anti monsoon, ocean currents, across the Pacific, to face the onslaught…… Cruel? This is the fate of competitive sports, it is also the location of its charm. The showdown between the two great teams, like two titans between yinghan, as the pirate king in French and Houssay Neil PG super hardcore fight, there is no retreat, even there is no escape — come, charge! Not gay, no Brokeback Mountain, but it is really just belonging to between men and men of legend. For a man, I can give the only source of respect and pray, don’t expect I’ll generous to the dedication of tears. Don’t get me wrong, I really is not who’s who. Both teams are very fond of me; and as a man, I have no milk can be used to “poison”. After the end of the G6. I once got cranky, numerous plot, countless version is designed to grab the seven war, but at the end of regret to found that the outcome is very simple, only the winner, winner takes all. This time, even the data are deceptive. What in the rush to seven games in the home team record for wins 100 minus 24, thunder warrior promotion probability ratio is the ratio of 7 to 3. What history 1-3 behind the team only 5.7% of the probability of win division finals, thunder II less never lost snatches seven games… Go to hell, only a coward and a mediocre person will in the juncture of suicidal also read I have much confidence to live — as long as there is life extremely hope is shopping in the end of the battle! Pedestria cidaojianhong. Promotion or out! It was so rough and direct. 3 to 3 tie after Cole said, never more than G6. However, of vital importance juncture, who can ensure that there will be more challenges? Who can guarantee that great opponents will not make a great game? After all, Kanter has said: Seventh war, we have to give it all. Also, crazy Weiss was cold-blooded said a few words: very simple, either win or die! Battle! War! War! A is the defending champion, the regular season 73 wins extraordinary warrior, a is after upgrading the sophistication of the Spurs to sharpen the brave thunder, two peerless master, have no retreat. They had to like two red eyes gambler, unafraid of death but had no alternative but to choose “all in”, then cast aside all moves in close combat. Hit this level, in terms of fans, in fact, is lucky. As the new 0, Mr. Lillard said, the seventh games will be a century of war! As long as your heart is strong enough, you can enjoy the feast that belongs to you. Yes, a lifetime feast! G6 epic Showdown to us too many surprises and satisfaction, also gave us too much expectation: panic and excited, excited also disturbed, we also want to mars hit the earth like the magnificent, also want to King fried and three points of the boom, but also want to two little wind and thunder and spray brothers the ultimate kill PK, also want to… Even if it was “ridiculous” to show personal heroism! Come on, shaking! Weiss Lun, Wes Lun Weiss Lun after Du Shaolun; Du Shaolun, Du Shaolun, Du Shaolun after Rick Lun; Klebsiella Lun, Rick Lun, G ray Lun after curry Lun…… The best swing to swing to the end, a murky sky over a dark earth, waving to the endless. After all, the classic has become a classic, because to some extent, it is right there. Unfortunately, the foot stepping on the pride of total failure, also have hidden behind the glory of sad losers. Baylor, Charles Barkley like owed, Ewing, Malone & Stockton, Nash, Iverson a championship ring, just like owe Paul a push floor, the alliance has owed millions of debt, the doomed but also remember again on a large. 73 wins the warrior is the debut enters snatches seven 70 + team, if stop push, then they will also be missed the championship debut 70 + team — who call history, only a 70 + team. As the defending champion, their Dynasty dream will also wind vanished away


Because Durant’s contract expires in the summer, if the thunder can not qualify for the finals, the impact of the championship, the less likely this split, then the thunder will in the peak time fall into the trough. NBA is to owe the champion a chance to defend the crown, or to owe thunder a retain the core of the insurance? Never underestimate the heart of a champion. Don’t look down. Never underestimate an infinite potential, don’t bow, still need to prove the battle. Regardless of situation, but the win. There is no happy ending, only the hero’s awakening. Beijing time on May 31st, Oakland Oracle center, push to grab seven. Battle of the century, Are Ready We! Author: mountain forest