[NBA] the key moment so awesome! LBJ true God

Knight away 100-99 victory over the Hawks, 4-0 win over promotion rivals, LeBron played 37 minutes, 23 voted 10 to get 21 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists two steals and blocks, the campaign after LeBron playoff career total rebounds to 1628, beyond Hakeem Olajuwon (1621) rise to league history, the 12 bit, today before the third quarter LeBron offense state general, has been committed to attack the organization, at the crucial moment, he was still two storm inroads, and sent for the team locking victory of iron blocks. Today the opening race, LeBron counterattack layup and then withdraw jumper, knight a brief lead after be eagle, then score has fallen behind, before LeBron 6 minutes with six points. This is normal rhythm, but the first section of the rest of the time he only 2 points for Houston, this is not normal. Generally speaking, during the knight the first half of the festival period of rotation is LeBron a person lead the attack, today LeBron attack desire is so low, does this mean? Postseason play seven games, LeBron averaging 23.9 points and 8.6 rebounds and 7 assists, shooting 50.8% rate, look this data is good, in fact is his field career playoff second low scoring, last year LeBron field were boom 30.1 points, wins the championship for the first time averaging 30.3 points, 08-09 season hits the stage were 35.3 points crazy performance, even already 31 years old, LeBron can still present on arbitrary points, such as regular season ending two wars, James cut 30 point high score, which a is against the Hawks. Why, in the playoffs he did not do so, seven games down and play, LeBron didn’t have reached a score of 30, he did so only a, is to stimulate the team’s offensive firepower, last year in the first round without Loew, and Irwin and loss, LeBron play good enough, also hard enough, this season, the Knights Huanshuai, Irwin into infighting, LeBron needs demonstrated leadership qualities, the teammates rally to his side. So the sacrifice is necessary, compared to their own to get a lot of scores, Lebron once said, let his teammates score is to make him more happy things. At his instigation, Irwin entered the rapid recovery in the playoffs, Loew also find feel, not to mention the closest brother of J.R. Smith, in the first half, LeBron scored 10 points, the second half back hit a 3-pointer, what’s next? He sent 4 assists in 3 minutes to help the knight hit the climax of the 11-4 score to complete the anti super. Until the third section and 15 seconds from the end, LeBron take the initiative to attack succeeded. This is he today to get the 15th, when Knight leading 4 points, until 7 minutes 20 seconds back, both sides have a tie game, five minutes and 59 seconds, LeBron passing errors, does he still want to let the teammate to decide the outcome? After 2 minutes, LeBron Ginobli Irwin break layup, then he finally got his own storm hit, help knight to regain the lead to 4 points. The ball from Lebron road holding breakthrough, eagles players not out of position, but also to stop him scoring. Similar shots in the first half appeared, U.S. media also in twitter bursts exclaimed: “for the Hawks, LeBron powerful overdone.” For Frye divided into three hit the send personal 9 assists, eagles hit a wave of 6-0 counter ultra 1 point, when game time remaining 1 minutes and 31 seconds. LeBron shoulder the burden of heavy

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Basket get a chance shot cap, followed by a continuous 2 times tipped failed, LeBron in Eagle 4 campaign, has not been able to score is excusable, 1 points, 16 seconds, LeBron again strong kill the basket finally score Knight counter Ultra. Competition to enter the rhythm of LeBron, constantly pause, after the substitution, LeBron still maintained a good feel, a face each other defensive pressure large 2 hit points. The audience and 14.9 seconds, LeBron sanfenxianwai step direct shot in. This is a little too risky choice, after all Eagle fast 2 minutes after the Knights lead 1 minute. Back to defensive end, LeBron risked losing the Schroeder’s driving layup, he alert has been a hand pressed on the ball, let the game into the scrum process, left 2.8 seconds, fights for the ball means that time will continue to move forward. Finally, the eagle has not been the opportunity to attack, Knight 100-99 away win, big score 4-0 win over promotion. Author: John