[NBA] Thompson: Curry hand how reasonable

On May 29 reported: Beijing time on May 29, the warriors in the away game 108-101 overcome thunder, the big score to catch up with 3-3, as long as back home to get a life and death battle victory, will be able to qualify for the finals, and finished 1-3 behind still comeback feat. Stephen – Curitiba, 21 8, three 13 shots in 6 scored 29 points, and scored 41 points, Thompson led the team to complete reverse force. After the game, he in an interview said: “defense and reduce errors is we in the fourth quarter to reverse the key, Thompson, Drummond, Andre these guys played very well, and this is the key of victory.” Curry in the regular season was in Oklahoma City staged ultra long lore, but he said that the game will be unable with key playoff victory compared. For the next seven games, curry said: “a few days ago, we also fall into despair, and then at home with the hope of promotion, is really incredible. But I know G7 will be a long campaign.” In a news conference, curry also said: “we have full faith, you asked for is to obtain the opportunities to win the series. Two teams have played the full performance, the next is not to win the promotion is fishing, we must draw strength from the home atmosphere


” He also praised the Thompson single three points of 11 performance, his confidence is too strong, he knows how important this moment is, I believe that after seventh games, he can also make more contributions.” Curry said. Thompson also praised Curitiba, he said: “Stephen curry regardless of the choice of what kind of shot, we can accept, because he is the best player.” In NBA history, only 9 teams had in 1-3 behind the impasse staged a reversal, warrior distance make history is a victory, the seventh game of life and death battle not only the most important game of their season, should also will become one of the team in the history of the most important battles. Author: Kewell