[NBA]ESPN experts are all optimistic about the warriors win grab seven

Jinzhou warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder team today will start the battle against the seven world war, the winner will enter the finals, the loser will pick up things to go home. Before the game, ESPN five expert Tom Habasit Luo, Kevin arnovitz, Engleman, Al Hasan and Kevin Pelton five experts around the war to express their views, five experts are consistently optimistic about the warriors won the tiebreak. 1, the sixth battle is super thunder warrior or not? Three experts believe that the warriors played a wonderful performance to complete self redemption. In the last 33 minutes and 6 seconds, the warriors are still 4 points behind. Subsequently, they handed over the fate of his own death five lineup, then the moment become the strongest version of the warrior. Put aside Thompson incredible shot, the warriors in the defensive end has done very well, Iguodala in the defense of Durant and Wesbrook’s work is done well. Two experts believe that the mistake is to kill the thunder. Thunder in the last five minutes 6 throw the ball, in the last five minutes of the 12 round of the 13 round they are only 1 passes or less. 2, the Seven World War thunder team to see who is the main performance? Arno Fitch said, look at the adjustment of Donovan, how he should let Durant and Weiss in the game to get a rest time. Pelton said, mainly to see the play witters. In three games, the thunder team, Witters shooting up to 54.2%, with a total of 33 points


Three game losing in thunder, Witters shot only 20 to 4, a total of only scored 10 points. The thunder bench to stand out, and this person is most likely witters. 3, the most important thing is to grab the seven war warriors is? Pelton says they are protective of the defensive rebounds. In the sixth series of war, warriors have been thunder team grabbed 16 offensive rebounds. As long as the warriors do defensive rebounding, they can win at home. 4, fivethirtyeight that the warriors to win the probability is 68%, BPI data that the warriors to win the probability is 70%, the Gambling company that the winning probability is 75%, which is more close to your prediction? Three experts have chosen 75%. In the history of NBA a total of 124 games to grab the seven war, and only 24 away fighting team to win the victory, the winning probability is very low. 5, who will win the seven world war? Five experts unanimously chose the Jinzhou warriors. Additional topics: the Knights are more afraid of meeting in the finals which team? Experts believe that the Knights do not want to meet the warriors. They believe that, first of all Lebron in the hands of the hands against Durant are the advantages of. In addition, the warriors Green and Iguodala can be a very good limit Lebron. Warrior style completely restrained knight, their advantage is to Cleveland weakness. Author: Hu Hu