[NBA]LBJ in the heart of the best coach or leave the extension

Coach Stotz Terry has done a fantastic job with the Portland team this season, and a lot of people are convinced that he will continue to stay in the team


But according to the Racine journal times “reporter lattice – Wolfe Er reports, stotz did not determine the whether to continue to stay in the Trail Blazers coach. At present, there are still a number of teams in the league’s head coach seats are vacant, they will obviously be very happy to provide a job for the excellent coach. Because stotz’s great coaches, the Blazers in 2014 and he reached a multi-year contract, and this contract includes 2016-17 season the team option. Prior to this, according to the United States today reported that the team has not yet executed this option. Therefore, the pioneer team can choose to let Stotz continue to coach or let him leave the next season. According to ESPN’s earlier reports, in the second round of the playoffs by the elimination of the Golden State Warriors, pioneering team has made it clear that now after the end of the season priorities is to renew the Strozzi. Stotz in the development of the teaching performance is very good. At present, he has been in charge of the team four season, total record of 182 wins, 146 negative and the last three seasons he led a pioneer reached the playoffs. Pioneer team in this season’s situation is particularly difficult. They in the offseason lost Aldridge, Batum, Matthews and Robin Lopez four starting players, in the starting lineup Lillard alone is to rejoin the team. At the beginning of the season, and not many people predict the Blazers to the playoffs. But in the Stotts good coaching, the Blazers in the regular season, made 44 wins 38 of the negative record. In the first round of the playoffs, the Blazers defeated Paul and Griffin lack the Clippers to advance to the second round. In the second round, in the face of the defending champion Golden State Warriors, the Blazers all did not the slightest timidity, although ultimately unsuccessful, but they are in which a few games have a chance to win. The Blazers in the loss of four major cases, completed the reconstruction of light, apparently Stotts tribute. Precisely because of this excellent performance, Stotz in this season’s best coach of the votes in the second place, second only to lead the warriors made 73 wins and 9 losses of Cole. If Stotz has not been able to reach a contract extension with the team, and then give up the next season, the team option, Stotz apparently also easily get a job as a coach from the other team. However, the Blazers obviously will not easily let go of such a good coach, the two sides will as best to reach a contract extension. Author: Hu Hu