The [NBA] locker room is still laughing curry night fiasco

Zhang Qiang, May 23, Oklahoma Oklahoma City reported: eventually lost 28 points, big score 1 to 2 behind, defending champion warrior is pushed to the trap of thunder, but they seem to not panic. After the visitors’ locker room in a normal reaction, curry and friends chatting and laughing, when it comes to high Hing is overjoyed. There is no doubt that this is a humiliating defeat for the warriors, half lost 25 points, three backward 37 points, up to 41 points behind. The warriors played lifeless, extremely lax, curry has no magic, 17 voted 7 and 11 of 3 minutes of Balls 3, won only 24 minutes, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. The last moment, sitting on a bench in the library more often head buried in the towel, looked very depressed. But back to the locker room, Curitiba calm. When the dressing room door to open to the media, curry was sitting on the edge of the inside the dressing room, and a familiar friend chat and talked for a long time. Curry’s good mood, and his friend, when it comes to that place, laugh out loud. Several times, he was overjoyed, and even laugh bent. Chatted for a long time, he was ready to take a bath, there was injured right knee wrapped in ice. Later, he appeared in the press conference, but also look calm, he just felt that the team played too hard, as a team, we are not a little energy, each other did not give any support.” Other warriors players are also very emotional. Green stood in the middle of the locker room by the wall, the interview, endless. Later, he returned to his wardrobe, and accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter, the same is eloquent, a smile from time to time. Center Andrew Bogut bath back to the closet for clothes, and beside Barbosa joked. At least, the warriors did not look a little panic, everyone believes that fourth of them play a normal, should be all right


“Rest assured, we will be fine next.”.” Thompson said at the press conference. Coach Cole also believe they will be a strong rebound in the next game, we fell two times last year, are third games behind 1-2, but they are playing back.” Author: Zhang Qiang