The number of [NBA] delivery: Tang God section third signs behind KB

Reported on May 25: NBA today and a confrontation of the Western Conference finals, the thunder to win, total score to 3-1 ahead as a warrior, worth a look at data record, thunder thunder victory for the 2 victory against Golden State, G4 final score is 118-94, difference is 24 points. On a thunder won 28 points. History only the other team can in the playoffs, winning a regular season with the best record team at least 20 points of difference, is the Lakers in 2001, they in the Western Conference finals wins in a row the Spurs G3, G4, a field is 111-72, victory over 39 points, a is 111-82, victory over 29 points. The Lakers won 56 games that season, just 2 less than the Spurs. The Lakers beat the 76 in the NBA finals. Weiss outbreak wesbrook had 36 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists, in playoff history to play in three pairs of data, the score so many, also playing time below Westbrook (40 minutes and 30 seconds) only LeBron, it is 2010 first round against the Chicago Bulls, LeBron has a single field cut 37 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists, played time is 36 minutes and 24 seconds. This is the third time Weiss career in the playoffs scored 30 points in three pairs, ranked third in the history of NBA, behind Lebron, Robertson – Oscar, 2 people are 8 times, tied for the most. Tang God is very hot, the third section of the Thompson insurance Savior, for the warriors even 19 points. This is since Kobe Bryant, a player in a playoff game for his team played for the longest scoring momentum (arranged team at this stage of the overall score), Bryant is 23 points in June 2010 14 finals G5 2, 3 games continuously arranged the Lakers. But the Lakers lost to the celtics


Of course, the Lakers won the next two games, and won the championship. Author: Qiao Tete