Tonight he is [NBA] Oklahoma City MJ! Look at this domineering.

Beijing time in May 13th, thunder at home 113-99 victory over the Spurs, the successful promotion of the Western Conference finals. Kevin Durant 24 12 (12 penalty 12), scored 37 points and 9 rebounds, and combined two less completely defeated the spurs. Since Adu scored 41 points in the G3, the Spurs will naturally try to limit his personal score. But at the beginning of the game, Adu is very active in the offensive side, trying to find the rhythm to the Spurs to put pressure on the spurs. Although the first two dry pull did not enter, but in 9 minutes after he or even with a cast of 4 points. But then he even attack to no avail, layup three points are not into, in 4 minutes and 45 seconds breakthrough dunk had to grasp greatly, but the ball was Adriano interference slip of the hands and peals of thunder, and were outscored the climax of a wave of 8-2. In Adu rest, Weiss headed chase points, until the Adu section at the end of a replacement Weiss play, is a continuation of the score tide, first in the counter back hit dry Stubbs, in 1 minutes and 51 seconds by breakthrough caused Jinuobili fouls, the Spurs bench simply can not defend him. The thunder will continue to hit the break Adu in the first section before the end of the once again staged a long fast break dunk, the thunder finished a wave 12-0


Opponents 6 points. Adu’s first 10 cast 4 to cut 10 points, full of aggression. The second section 8 minutes and 34 seconds, he won the rebounding launched fast break, again foul free throws. The Spurs don’t give him a good shot, he can still score. Wes broke out the thunder have the big score advantage that Freddy will not to give a chance to the Spurs, in before the end of the first half is also facing the Leonard’s defense hit stem pulling three points, the leading expanded to 24 points, complete the Spurs morale to rout. Half game, Adu 15 voted 6 has been 18 points. Thunder in the second half still keep the rhythm, ADU on 11 minutes 03 seconds fast advancing find Ibaka, to dunk, in 8 minutes and 31 seconds, he also easily hit dry pull. After the three quarter, Adu has been 26 points, he became since the 1997-98 season, Jordan, the first in 9 consecutive games in a series of possible end of the game cut 25+ players. At the beginning of the distal still is him alone with a substitute, in 9 minutes and 31 seconds and hit dry Stubbs, and the Spurs first began force chase points and Adu in 6 minutes and 45 seconds, fast and timely hit the cast, also caused a foul Miller. Spurs in 23 minutes and 5 seconds has been reduced to 13 points, at a critical moment, or Adu stood out, in 49 minutes and 4 seconds to break the storm succeeded. Since then Freddy Adu was broken twice is undoubtedly dangerous, in 3 minutes and 06 seconds, he was on a break with Wes with, catch and finish both hands dunks. Weiss and a person even cut 7 points, but also the end of the game suspense. Author: Kewell