[NBA] experts exposed the rocket to chase KD do not hold hope

May 20, reported since was eliminated in the first round, the Rockets began to Xuanshuai start, to the current is still not fixed number, and the market can choose the coach is becoming less and less, and the most likely and the rocket reached consistent person is Mike – Dandong Nepal. According to reports, Dantoni has accepted the rocket’s two interview, the management of the small ball master, no doubt want to stick to the current style. But it also means more variables, Dwight Howard in the Lakers not way and Dandong good cooperation, last season he in the rocket originally with the offensive team are out of touch rocket tendency Dandong this signal is no doubt that the Howard may further be excluded outside the core tactics. And according to the Houston Chronicle reporter Brian Smith revealed, although Howard I haven’t made the decision, but the Rockets management does for the summer of Warcraft out of the contract ready. At the same time, the management also no longer believe that they have the strength to lobby Durant to leave the city to join the thunder, so this summer will also change the direction of the strong. Smith said that the rocket to choose Dan Dongni is not surprising, and management actually also hope to be able to choose a more young coach, helping to build to harden as the core of the team, training young players. And the Rockets are no longer the target position, immediately win, they value the long-term development, which is why they do not consider the reasons for a small fan. The Rockets next season don’t need never gamble again, because the hope is not big, Smith in the column said, management as slowly shake and reconstruction, let the future free players on the team more confidence. The right coach can make the team makeover, like tyronn Lue in the playoffs led the team won 10 straight as, but 65 year old Nigerian Dandong really can let rocket makeover? Smith believes that the rocket does not have a “Nash” for driving at all


He coached the sun brilliant period has in 10 years ago, if he really entered the rocket, the next few years maybe we have the opportunity to hear to apologize to the fans rockets, and Dan Dongni will continue to be “never defense” label. Author: Kewell


[NBA] Weiss was a parody: from Oracle to go home

Beijing time in May 17th, in the first game of the Western Conference finals, the warriors eventually beat 108 to 102 by thunder. The last moments of the campaign appeared a controversial foul, thunder Master Westbrook called prior to the suspension of suspected her walking the ball, but the referee did not make the decision. Recommended reading: when Wes under Thompson’s tight marking, the ball after a half. However, in the suspension of the application of the Weiss suspected the holding the ball walks, but referee but not pay attention to


This scene let warriors coach Cole complained, “I didn’t the blow penalty and the referee communicate, I think Westbrook is walking, but didn’t blow. That’s the way it is.” Said Cole after the game. After the game the fans also Westbrook’s the stepping action parodies, they will Davis walking scene made the GIF dynamic figure, saw Wes hold the ball for the suspension after the skidded off the striking a big step, the montage technique, expression with the warriors coach Cole a face of consternation, contrast let people feel laughing. The next picture, Weiss of the step directly draw the warriors home Oracle arena, immediately after he slipped out of the street, slid to the track and field the 100 meter track, and ultimately toward their home. The whole process is very exaggerated, it is very ironic. After when a reporter whether walking problems thrown to Westbrook, he said: “before I heard the referee’s whistle, I will only continue to play.” It is worth mentioning is that it has not Weiss for the first time with similar reasons to answer the referee’s problem, in a game against the San Antonio Spurs series last moments, the Spurs striker Leonard has to Westbrook take foul tactics, but Leonard the referee penalty did not, the final Weiss dribble staged a long drama for, and successfully hit into 2 + 1. After the game he said, as long as he did not hear the referee’s whistle, so he will not stop the game. Author: Mu Zili

[NBA]76 president for sale before the five draft picks

May 14th reported: 76 people in Philadelphia will become the big show this year’s draft, the current they have determined to have three first round draft pick. Which includes their signature, as well as the 24 from the Miami heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder and the thunder team from two to 26 draft picks. And if the Losangeles Lakers signed off the top three, then the sign will belong to the 76 team. According to NBA’s official website reported that 76 people’s new president Konon Gillo in an interview that the team is willing to trade a top five draft picks. In the past few years, the 76 team’s reconstruction strategy is to continue to accumulate through the bad to accumulate high order draft, which can be selected in the draft meeting to have the talent of young players. Judging from the situation of the 76 team, although they have chosen some of the top players, but the team’s record has been no improvement. And as Konon Gillo and his son took over, their reconstruction strategy will certainly change

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From an interview with Konon Gillo caliber point of view, they are willing to trade off a first round draft pick, they are even willing to use more picks to get some of the players have proven strength. 76 people in addition to the three first round draft picks have been identified, they also have the first round of the Lakers draft pick (three in the first place to protect). The draft was sent to the 76 team by Feinikesi suns in a transaction in February 20, 2015. At that time, the sun, the bucks and the 76ers completed a three-way deal, 76 person of Michael Carter Williams was sent to the Bucks, Milwaukee master Brandon knight is traded to the Suns, 76 people is from the sun has been Lakers first round draft picks. The pick in 2015 is Wushun protection bits (the Lakers finally saved, and select the Russell). In both this year and next is the first three cis position protection, in 2018 is not protected. Konon Gillo said: “it is difficult to determine the number and value of transactions, but we are willing to listen to the offer to see what other players are willing to provide. In order to determine what is best for us, we should keep a positive attitude. It’s your fault if you miss out on some opportunities because you don’t have a phone call or you don’t realize something. We will seek a variety of possibilities. All lottery results came out again depending on the situation. Must draw a lot of results, we know that the next step in the operation, the Domino effect. So the lottery that day for us, is a very important day.” Konon Gillo’s words have been very clear, we have an open attitude to the trade show, if you do not want to miss the opportunity, give me a call. Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] James: hard times should give me the ball

According to ESPN reports, the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals third games away to 84-99 loss to the Toronto raptors. The score of 84 points also hit a new low in the last 50 games (regular season and playoffs). After the game, the Cavs coach tyronn Lue, said oneself the in the race for LeBron James design more tactical, the ball more to make to his hand


In this game, the Knights scored only 84 points, a record low of nearly 50 games. Their top scorer in the playoffs and shooting the most players in this game, Irwin taishishuizhun. He and the Cavaliers another star striker Kevin Loew threw 28 total investment 4 in the ultra low hit rate. And Lebron scored 24 points in the game, but only 17 shots. After the game, tyronn Lue said: “I should design more tactics for Lebron, let him come to the game. I think we have played in the series effective tactics, and we also believe that Irwin and Loew can at any time can play performance. But I should have put the ball more in Lebron’s hands and let him become more creative, so that he can attract a double pack. It’s all my fault.” In this season, the Knights are part of the reason for their excellent ability to move the ball. One of these changes is to allow Lebron more time to play an organizer, rather than as in the past, when one had to break up. So far, Lebron in the playoffs in the field are 23.5 points, this is his career playoff low. But before this defeat, the knights in the playoffs in the middle of the game can be 109 points per game. Lebron said: “it is certainly a good way. Obviously, I don’t control the ball too much. The ball will be in the hands of della Vedova Irwin, then play will give him. The ball in my hand is a little bit less. I think it’s a good way to do that. However, sometimes these people can not open the offensive situation, I think I should give the ball to me, let me try to lead the team to open the offensive situation. And there was no such thing that happened last night. We will make a better Series in Game 4 plan.” Compared with the previous two games, the Raptors for Irwin defense more closely. This limits the Irwin play, produced a good effect. The only contribution Irwin 1 assists in 38 minutes. Lu is not in a timely manner in the game to adjust the layout of the better coping strategies to bear the responsibility. Lu said: we should have let LeBlanc LeBlanc attract each other’s double bag clip, so as to create a chance for other players to easily shoot. It’s all my fault.” And Lebron did not blame his teammates, he said, we can not lose confidence to these guys, they help the team to go to this situation today. Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] Raptors season after total wins a fraction of less than LBJ

May 18 reported: Beijing time on May 18, Knight at home 115-84 victory over the Toronto Raptors, won the first victory of the Eastern Conference finals. LeBron and Irwin state well, two people together to cut 51 points to explode the Raptors inside, Knight rate in the first half made a 22 point lead, while the game in the third quarter after also lost suspense. This is the 124th playoff victory of Lebron’s career, and he has made 9 wins in the playoffs this year. In contrast, the Raptors history won a total of only 22 playoff games, the difference is very poor


In the 1995-96 season to the NBA, the Raptors altogether 8 playoff; LeBron into the league in 2003, he personally has played 11 playoff appearances. Before this year, the Raptors in the playoffs never break a second round, six out of the first round, only in the 2000-01 season reached the semi-finals. This year, the Raptors have set a record in team history, over heat in the 7 semi-final, first cut the Eastern Conference finals. But the Eastern Conference finals for Lebron, it seems, is just the beginning of the playoffs. This year, he has played the 7 Eastern Conference finals, has never had the first round out of the experience. Over the past 5 years, he led to the eastern conference championship, called in the eastern sky. Last year in the playoffs, they in the first round of the swept the Celtics, the second round 4-2 eliminated the bull, in the Eastern Conference finals to sweeping the Hawks, obstacles in the way almost did not encounter a decent; and this year is more terrible, after eight games the Cleveland game field average margin of victory of 10.5 points, the advantage is much too large for. Today, Lebron has led the knights to win the Raptors 31 points, hit a team playoff history biggest win record. This is LeBron career playoff for the second time in the series opener win over 30, the first time is in 2012 the Knicks battle wins the 33 points, when he is still heat effect. Before the beginning of the series, ESPN most experts think knights in five games to fix the Raptors, and the results of G1 undoubtedly also confirms the predictions of experts. The Raptors in the second round heat show strong fighting spirit, then they can from the fiasco timely recover and come up with a decent resistance. Author: Kewell

[NBA]8200 Wan: the morale of the knight is not low.

“USA Today” news, the G1 finals cruised to the knight warrior, behind 0-1. But the Knights said they were still in a state of mental and mental problems. Last season’s finals, the warriors defeated the knight, the outside world that the warriors will have a certain psychological advantage. But the knight player JR does not look like this. “I don’t think so.” JR said, “this is the NBA finals, I think anyone will be more focused than before. Psychological advantage? I don’t really care about that. Of course, I can’t represent all of them. Warriors are a great team and that’s why they are the champions. We just need to do better.” Lebron said in an interview today, he did not lose heart, Loew also said he was very quiet heart. So, morale is low? No.” Thompson Tristan replied, “no!” “There is no mental obstacle to overcome.” Thompson said, “if there is, you can look at the eagle, last season they won the 4 of us? So, the warriors just won the G1, since it won, is the way to win.” From the beginning of last season’s finals, to the regular season of this season, and then to yesterday’s G1, the Knights of the Warriors is already 6 losing streak. “This is like playing chess.” Thompson said, “we will come back, will change some things


We just need to find out what we can do better.” Finals last year, the Cavaliers lost G1 after winning the G2, but at the time their G1 and warriors played very close, overtime loss, this time the gap between the two sides may than last season to come bigger. “I think we are in a very good position, from a psychological point of view.” Loew said, we are still very calm. But at the same time, we also know that the next game is very important for us. We need to keep a sense of urgency. We will continue to fight for all things in the end.” Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] put three meters? Jim Cole five out of the eye wall face to death

June 8, 2012, LeBron 27 year old zero 160 days. This is his talent to the south coast after the second led the team to a championship. A year ago he lost to the Mavericks in the finals, because the critical moment of the poor performance of the question. The day before, heat 2-3 behind the Celtics. Boston with “f * ck LBJ” to meet him. The vast majority that have the Celtics three games in a row to bang, while Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen had not yet completely old, interpretation of the classic story of a old soldiers never die. Then LeBron 26 19, detonation 45 points and 15 rebounds and five assists, his 19 points to slaughter the Celtics, will kill the TD Banknorth garden in silence. The death of the game, became the most classic Lebron career a lens. Four years later, 24 hours before, LeBron 31 year old zero 166 days. This is his gift back to Cleveland after the second led the team to a championship. A year ago he in the finals not enemy warriors, series 6 field detonation 35.8 points, 11.3 rebounds, 8.8 assists, spell light the last bullet in your magazine. Before the game, Knight 1-3 behind warriors, numerous dead corner in front, LeBron in the same wild, but more comprehensive personal performance, and play equally well Irwin’s together, the warrior kill diukuixiejia. Match the last 3 minutes left, have the audience to exit, and before competition are laughing at LeBron is a love cry ghost warriors fans. He and Irwin joint service, ahead of the departure from the home team. , the impasse Zhan also put three meters, Cole’s bet with ineffective from the opening to the first suspension, LeBron’s offensive is such: first round the back of the body sat playing and was replaced first green Andre Iguodala steals counterattack succeeded; the second round fast break again back playing Andre Iguodala, after turning over Yang; the third round ball directly the basket was Bogut cap fanout. A total of 3 minutes and 24 seconds, Lebron 2 cast 0, 1 mistakes, the knight was a wave of 9-3 small climax direct stop. Lebron, while Green is not, there is no strong warriors to defend, scuttling the low outside shot. But the effect of the experiment is very poor, so that the thunder with the team reporter Tucao: this game has ended.” Suspend the return, they attack a Irwin, Lebron? 7 minutes and 27 seconds after the ball outside Irwin, raised her hand to hit three points. Knight the field a total of only four low back play, LeBron in addition to the first section twice, in the second half also tried once, the rest of the time LeBron’s attack methods are simple and rude, all surface frame attack, you let me, I will shoot, don’t put me I would borrow the pick and roll the basket under, anyway, no one stop. Over the past four games, the warriors in LeBron is put investment not sudden, long-distance LeBron instability that known as, he only G3 half 4 times in a row to hit the jumper, Cole bet LeBron can not find the feeling, this has also been many experts agree. But the first section of the war to 4 minutes 07 seconds, LeBron back in three point hit, the ball and a different is no assists Irvine, direct dry pull jumper, when LeBron a game before the two goals are three points, the warriors will continue to bet on? Cole said: I bet. In fact, he did not want to bet, but the warriors have no other way. Andre Iguodala limit LeBron positive breakthrough price is a rapid decline in physical slot, green when can two round plates and green fitness is much better than Andre Iguodala, the green ban can not play, Andre Iguodala is with the province

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If the whole way close to prevent LeBron, Andre Iguodala could not present spend 41 minutes, also in order to make up for such a huge gap in the green leaves of Cole increased inside rotation number: Speights, Aizeli, Anderson Varejao and playing time more than 8 minutes, once LeBron transposition to on a large, sudden or vote on by LeBron feel free to play the. Irwin, so the game, LeBron got the ball outside, front nobody defense, sections have a round is Speights already to on-line, or follow the empty cut back to three seconds, LeBron Leng absolute being: “you trouble?” Bayan jumper. The beat down, Lebron had a total of 14 complete vacancy opportunity, hitting the ball 7, three from 4 is air 3. Today he scored 20 points in the paint area, the first 4 games a total of only 23 points; hit three 4 pointers, the first 4 games a total of only 5. The 2013 G7 finals, Lebron was a similar tough response spurs “put three meters after the. Perhaps, Cole is underestimated the fighting capacity of the impasse Zhan, the scored 41 points after, LeBron desperate war (losing was eliminated) field scoring from 31.9 to ascend to 32.4 points, still ranked first in the history behind him are Jordan 31.3 points and Chamberlain 31.1 points, in the history of the NBA for so many years, the three men in the face of despair, can play played 30 points per level. Second, Ecuador cultural body the strongest thigh, Loew return more than data but anyway, LeBron’s outbreak, Irwin’s credit. Campaign two people work together to create a lot of records, they are history of the first at the same time in the finals cut 40 players, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, OK, the combination of not done; Irwin three consecutive games cut 30 point, is the first potential energy in the playoffs do this LeBron’s teammates, Wade and Bosh do not have been; two score of the total team 73.2%, assists for the team was 86.7%, Knight last 21 points from LeBron or Irwin, two of them on and score goals for the knight with the 97 points, which happens to be Warriors team throughout the score. After the game, a reporter said: “if you always need a Batman around Robin, that today the knight is to have two batman.” LeBron mainly rely on space shot breakdown of the warrior’s defense, and Irwin score to a lot of difficult, he is playing hero ball, star ball. The campaign he has 15 times from the back to the front straight dribble pass, not alone, 15 in 10. The first 4 games this shot has 39 times, but he only hit 13. Also he straight dribble jumper took 16 points, hit rate reached astonishing 12 7, as a comparison, and LeBron is this move took 16 points, hit rate is only 17 throw in 7. Both hit against a number of shots, 42 times shot scored 24 goals, the hit rate of 57%, Warriors team 54 times against shooting 15 ball, hit rate (28%) less than half of LeBron James and Steve Irwin. The entire second half into a LeBron and Irwin Errenzhuan, both of them 26 15 with 39 points, Warriors team 45 and 12 had 36 points. Because of the outbreak of the two men, the knight of the offense is alive, they win the two key points is fast break and basket under attack and defense. Fast break score 28-9 occupy an overwhelming advantage Irwin in addition to direct the two steals back inroads, three times three hit is transfer of cast into the attack, knight to seal the victory in the third quarter rush scored 14 points warriors a. Said the two teams played, warrior is faster on one side, there is now the Irwin, full speed ahead of LeBron can also will bring out the knight make a clean sweep of the potential. Knight another giant Loew today returned to the starting line-up, he on the offensive end 5 throw 1 and 3 3 0 no sense of presence, after tyronn Lue said: a I will adhere to the first Janlev. After four games, Loew was criticized the most easily defended loss, physical confrontation is not dominant today these problems are still there, when he was on the floor, Knight scoring 18 points and a team high, second only to Irwin, Bille Brown efficiency is superior. The warriors players face Loew, the basket shot only 1 of 4 shots, the finals since he in the basket opponent 22 8, hit rate is 36.4%, can say he is completed its protecting basket task. As a comparison, green basket defense can each hit rate of repression in 34%. Compared of course, we cannot say that the Loew’s protecting basket efficiency and green (green finals against 50 a basket, Bilefuduo. But at least, he in no loss of position, defensive or presentable. And LeBron is on the defensive end lead by example, he anti six times under the basket shot, warriors players only 1 hit, six times in the defense includes 3 times to catch large cap body, one is waving fly the library counter layup. Knight defense side to do a good job, the offensive end also made an inventory of all this behind, the biggest reason is that Green can not play. To know that Green is the league’s best basketball game in the playoffs so far, he was in the basket under the 9.8 ball, the other hit rate is only 37.1%. In addition to the green absent, warriors in the second half also lost Andrew Bogut, LeBron outside have been voted out of the handle, Irwin as unhindered general warriors under the basket in the wanton trample down, the two sides in points in the paint Knight 48-30 leading 18 points. The warriors in these areas are collapsing. Three, to the warriors a chance, but he does not ah confirm green ban after the game, Andre Iguodala first, increase inside the rotation of these within the expected, after all, G4 can win them, Andre Iguodala replace green as core organization, sent a team high 7 assists credit is very high. And the knight is how the strain of it? Tyronn Lue idea is: to change the status quo. The same routine: continue to put pressure on the water outside the big brother, expanding. A green when warriors can through several Daoshou find insider vacancy today only Andre Iguodala in the defensive end of the Knights of the burden loose a lot. They courier for defense and how strong? Two proofs: the first is the library as long as half, is already came two containment, others no matter, make curry ball are not smooth success is. The second is dellavedova in the first section of the final 3 minutes, he doesn’t come up to 2 minutes to eat three fouls, all made in the library. Leave no stone unturned to disrupt curry rhythm, there is no green center coordinate, curry the chaos, Warriors team attack is a mess. Curry a burst cut 38 points. It is proved that he can in the knight bag clip in place before the shooting, the problem is clamped to half, curry can cast it? Remaining option only a, double teamed after ball, give to the vacancy teammate two-thirds vote or empty cut worth mentioning, the most benefit from Thompson, Thompson, a field is below the glasses to curry roll appeared frequently, as long as the Cavaliers players up siege curry, Thompson is empty. Second section of the game, warriors offense is almost Thompson, a person’s performance, cast the confidence he shot distance than a far, Oracle arena cheering a than a high, half of the warriors shot 21 three point hit 11, it resisted the LeBron and Irwin, together with the outbreak of the powerful offensive. Thompson also and Lebron work together to create a record, they are 98 years after Jordan and Malone, the first pair as an opponent in the finals in the first half to cut 20+ players. But in the second half, Knight’s fitness is no longer enough to support in the first half of leading anti, also unable to design package under the three-point line traps, the warriors began to with movement without the ball, ball conduction tear out a lot of space shots. But unfortunately for the ambush in three point field, Barnes. To say Barnes is mixed hesitate, G3 he 11 7 took 18 points and eight rebounds, G4 and with 14 points and eight rebounds, his way to attack the main