[NBA] 10 game in a row, the knight is not beautiful.

Cleveland 108-89 raptors, both Tabitha into a 2-0 playoffs since knight is only a lost the ball, until now: 10 game winning streak. In NBA history every year a big team, to play the playoffs 10 straight start, not many, specifically to 4 branches, the 2001 Lakers. The Lakers in 1989, and in 2012 the Spurs. Think about it, such as strong this year warriors in the history of the strongest team rounds are not swept, why is it that only the knight so triumph? Strictly speaking, the word powerful is obtained by contrast. Knights in the West may also find the opponent, the East is difficult to have a team to compete with them, remember the eagle is how to swallow the 12 straight in the face of Lebron it? The last round of second Knights threw a record 25 points hit three after Hovde said: “I can’t believe.” Kowal said: “the knight is so beat, no one can beat them.” This is more terrifying than defeating the opponent at the game level, from the psychological domination of the opponent. The eagle was swept last year, and this year was swept away, it is likely to have been hit Lebron fear. Toronto? Casey added: “we won’t be easy to throw in the towel,” said the start of the series. Results a 31 point path or in the knight third did not vote, the, today Knight one-third of the ball still cast in general, is still a 19 points victory, Kathy that sentence and back half: “perhaps only in our dressing room that we can create a miracle.” To create a miracle? Probably don’t think of it, at least the two games did not see any hope of winning the raptors. Knight can sweep the Raptors become history first frontline round 12 game winning streak reached the finals team (2004 before the first round of the playoffs is 5 3 wins the first put a, we take a look at those get a team in the playoffs 10 straight start, finally gone far. In 1989, the Lakers, sitting on the magic, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, James Worthy and Scott, and AC green, yellow green to the hegemony of the 1980s has come to an end, especially Kareem Abdul Jabbar has 41 years old, the first three rounds of the playoffs, the Lakers swept Portland, Seattle and the sun, to the total must match the face of Isaiah Thomas leading the piston, Lakers unexpectedly four game losing streak, brutally swept out. Originally had hope to hit three consecutive championships, has ushered in the end of an era, after more than 10 years the Lakers only once reached the finals until the beginning of this century OK forming combination


In 2001, Lakers OK combination peak, around and Derek Fisher, Rick fox, Huo, crack, consecutive playoff sweep pioneering, peak king, Duncan and Robinson leading San Antonio, did not expect the first game of the finals, was bombed to 48 points of Iverson played a surprise, the ball tyronn Lue pour on the ground is crossed the Iverson scene became the classic NBA, the Lakers is not ambiguous, losing this field after winning four games, the success of aspirations. In the first three playoff F10 straight start team, the Spurs, 2012 is the worst, before a year Grizzlies black eight caused by media, fans questioned “whether the Spurs peak has passed”, the regular season is hurricane Mengjin wins the West first perfect backstroke, the playoffs even cut jazz, clippers, push in the face of thunder and won two. As a result? Durant, Victoria less work force and harden play Raiders, actually won four consecutive game the Spurs overturned, of course, the thunder to the finals, is also to the heat do wedding to fulfill the LeBron’s first championship. And now it’s the turn of LeBron and his knights, it is said to knock, had been crossed the Iverson tyronn Lue is now coach knight, a 10 game winning streak in the hand, will be rushed to the away game to challenge the Raptors, the knight is continue the streak down tied the history first (11 in a row) or record end, even there is no possible like 4 years ago spurs gutter capsize, 2 days later, the answer will soon be announced. Author: John