[NBA] Barnes: No, I won’t complain.

On June 1 report: Warriors although in the Western Conference finals once forced to 1-3 behind the impasse, but they still tenaciously completed the counterattack. For the second year in a row, qualify for the finals. In the battle of life and death of the G7, Steve cole of evolutions, let Andre Iguodala instead of Harrison Barnes hit the first round, eventually defeated the powerful thunder. Barnes said in an interview, was replaced as a substitute for him is not offensive. “I don’t think anyone has an opinion about the arrangement (Cole).” As to whether or not to continue playing in the finals, Barnes said: “to tell the truth, I do not know


” The season is Barnes of the contract, if he wants to get paid to renew their contracts, it must be to play on a high, but he in the playoffs averaged 8.9 points and 4.8 rebounds data, at the crucial moment substitute apparently did not help. But Barnes doesn’t care now, he knows he should put the victory in the first place. “Everyone has to make sacrifices for the team.” He said, not only this year, last season, as well, in order to championship, whether to give up the starting position or to reduce the time or the number of appearances, you have to accept. Nothing feels better than being in the finals, making sacrifices doesn’t mean that my confidence will be affected.” G7’s game day is just Barnes’s birthday, he is very lucky team to get the victory. “It was almost the most miserable birthday of my life.” He smiled and said, “I can’t ask for more to celebrate my birthday with my teammates.” “The changing room of the 15 people are convinced that we can achieve a big reversal, as long as one to go on the line. The fifth victory is crucial, and the sixth one is the most difficult game in our lives.” Barnes said. He also clay Thompson in counter attack in Game 3 performance with admiration, “really is I witness the most crazy performance one of the. This guy even just after half-time, catch do not look at the basket is simply thrown into, when he entered the state, the eyes really no others, as a teammate witness all of this is really very special. ” He said. Barnes know that this year’s finals, the warriors have been very high expectations, he said: the regular season to win 73 games, everyone thinks we should return to the finals. In 1-3 behind the time, everyone felt that if we were out of the season was in vain. So can struggle to now, we really have to pay a lot of effort.” Author: Kewell