[NBA] Butler: I never said a bull

Recently, the Bulls star Butler accepted an interview with ESPN, talk about he and Ross, criticism, the bull in the end is not their own teams, and other topics. “I love the city of Chicago, which is sure, my entire career are here to play, I really love the team members, I also in to the coach to learn something, I’m not a perfect person, but I am ready to, I think I have to help this team win,” Butler said. “Those said I have changed, is no longer used to just enter the NBA when I, in fact, this, no man is immutable, I also not what I used to be,” Butler said “I mean, I now, and in 1989 September 14, born that I, is completely different. So obviously, people are going to change.” “And when I was a rookie, I was not the same. When I was a rookie, no one cared if I got a point. Now? If I didn’t have 1 minutes, what would happen? Everyone would say, ‘Oh, he’s not worth it, he’s not a good player. This, ah, all kinds of. “” “I don’t think I’ve changed for the people, the people around me are the same as in the past. I have not changed. Maybe people think I have changed, but I don’t care, because I am not very often listen to what the people say. I just continue to adhere to their own line, insist on doing their own. I am still the humble me.” Butler said he would go to Losangeles to train with Ross in the summer, and then he talked about the two people playing together

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“I have never shaken the rule that we play together because I know what level of player he is,” said Butler. “I am the same, I know that he has a strong spiritual power. Me too. I know people are saying that they two people can not play together, and then want to get something out of the news, but we really do not have any problems. I just think that we just need to increase the time to play together on the pitch. Obviously, there was an injury before. But if we are healthy, we do what we expect to do, and we are really good together. This is the truth.” “I never said, ‘this is my team’, I think a lot of people want to trick me into saying that. But as I’ve always said, I’m just playing my part, no matter what the role is. You have to help the team win. It doesn’t matter how many points you get, how many assists and rebounds. It makes no sense if you can’t win.” Author: Qiao Tete