[NBA] data card warriors are still not the strongest team in history

FiveThirtyEight’s ESPN website gives the data show that 73 wins and the creation of the history of the Warriors is not the league’s most outstanding team, they only after the championship to surpass the 1995-96 season bulls. FiveThirtyEight is one of the most excellent data analysis and machine learning websites in the world. They are very authoritative in the industry. FiveThirtyEight uses a Elo rating system to assess the strength of all teams in the entire NBA history. ELO rating system is based on the performance of the team every to make assessment calculation, then calculate the team overall strength, analysis of the probability of winning a set of hierarchical system


The system is widely used in many areas such as go, basketball, football, sports betting and so on. The results of each game will immediately affect the Elo grade points, so this season so far, the Elo score of each team has not been a number of points, the final winner will be higher. ELO rating points system in the history of the NBA teams ranked as follows: ranking season peak value average value at the end of the integrated value of the value of the warriors 181117921802180242014-15 warriors 185317701823181522015-16 bull 11995-96 183918031799181331996-97 bull 182217451822179651985-86 Celtic people 1785169317851755 181617351801178462015-16 spurs 180017681759177672008-09 Lakers 179017261790176981991-92 bull 178217591762176891997-98 bull 1788171917851764101990-91 bull… 382015-16 the Oklahoma City Thunder Knight 1747166017351714722015-16 17071662170716922842015-16 Raptors 72 wins 1634160016081614 in the 1995-96 season the Bulls temporarily in the list, because they eventually won the championship, so the peak value and the end value is higher than that of the Warriors team this year. And the warriors to create the history of the 24 straight start to let them have a higher average. If the champion this year to win the championship (Elo system given the probability of 44%), they almost certainly will replace the bulls, to become the greatest team in history. Of course, these do not require the Elo system, we can also analyze the. Even more surprising is that in the list, this year’s Spurs is the history of the sixth outstanding team. Although the Spurs in the second round by the thunder eliminated, their performance in history after Jordan’s bulls, in the library of the warrior and the Byrd green army. It can be said that the Spurs are still regarded as the best team history. The playoffs may Losers are always in the wrong., so this year the Spurs fans in the future are ignored. But in 40 home wins 1 of the negative record, scoring margin first season (more than warriors), let the Spurs become the greatest team history did not win the championship. Spurs regret being knocked out of the thunder, but this year the thunder in the Elo system in the qualifying seems not so far ahead, the Spurs and warriors have a lot of distance. While in the eastern part of the first knight is the same, in the list to 72. But in fact, in the history of the team’s ranking, they are the history of the greatest number three seeds and four seeds. Thunder beyond the self, 2012-13 season they were the best three seed. If the season thunder successfully win, they will squeeze into the top ten. And in the playoff victory of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but also beyond the 2008-09 season reached the finals of the magic, become the No. 4 seed in the history of the most outstanding. Some time ago, Tracy McGrady speech said the alliance now too much water, so let curry unanimously elected the MVP, but ELO system shows the result doesn’t work that way. The history of the second outstanding team, the best two three four in the history of the seeds, this season’s competitiveness is absolutely rare in history. Author: Ouyang