[NBA] Deluozan: I was very hate Bi Yongbo

Last summer, when Derozan just and billon Bo as a teammate, compared to his permanent Bo “welcome speech is very special. “I hate him.” DeRozan recalls, “he was still at Sherlock, I hate him. He has a lot of foul action, always successfully blocked shots, even if he will be cheated by fake action.” “So I told him: I hate you.” DeRozan said. But now, Deluozan contrast only Yong Bo affection. Bi Yongbo in the Eastern Conference finals third games to grab 26 rebounds, the team became the key to win. In Toronto core center Vallance Yunus back injury, billon Bo not only out of the individual performance, also use their own passion inspired by the success of the team. He is not afraid to block Lebron with a malicious foul, also in the block after the finger to challenge opponents. This performance has infected all the home fans, and the players are naturally encouraged. “After the game, I’ll never talk to you not to utter a single word, the.” Billom Bo said, “when I can jump, not to make friends on the floor.” The only goal is to keep the billom Bo, Toronto home court, to tie 2-2. Although Jonas Vallance state recovery, also participated in training on Monday, but he is not necessarily able to comeback in G4. So, in order to achieve this goal, the Bo billon must maintain the G3 play, the rulers become rebounds and influenced the knightly insider attack. And DeRozan was full of confidence in him


“He’s been the favorite teammate of my career now.” DeRozan said, “now you should also understand why he was so tired, and now I particularly like the characteristics of his.” Author: Kewell