[NBA] Duncan: I love beautiful girlfriend sent a chicken man

In today’s Spurs and thunder G6, the Spurs lost in the array, the end of the 2-4 end of the series, this season is so over. For the old year’s GDP combination, it is undoubtedly very regrettable thing. After all the season in their regular season so well, it can be said is best in team history, state of health also maintain a good, in the eyes of all the people, they are winning the most popular one. However, they have not been able to the Western Conference finals. Duncan’s girlfriend Vanessa Macias is very sorry, she expressed her feelings in social networks. “Love, respect, admiration, passion, thanks. This makes your heart like your man. His integrity, wisdom, and the soul, are unparalleled, “said Macias. Macias is a TV reality show star, 36 years old this year, in the past has participated in the famous reality show “speed advance”. The past few years has been to show the image of Duncan girlfriend, in the past, she often went to the Spurs at home to watch the game, but also like to publish a variety of support on the social network to support the views of the Spurs Duncan. This defeat, although Macias was able to use positive energy attitude to treat, but the fact is cruel, is likely to Duncan will be facing decommissioning, perhaps this is all of the Spurs fans do not want to see, but will eventually have to face the results. Author: Qiao Tete