[NBA] Durant: winning the Spurs won’t win the war.

According to the associated press, the Western Conference finals two wars, thunder to win the G1, home court advantage from the Golden State Warriors there to grab, then G2, they defeated, at present a total score of 1-1. “We have to concentrate on the game in front of us, and we can’t worry about the rest.” Durant said, “we know that it’s easy to say it’s easy to do. The San Antonio series, we also do a 1-1 start, it will indeed give us confidence, but things we can’t think of the series, a series how does not guarantee this series will do the same. ” “We know that warriors will definitely be thinking about at home we steal a,” Walters said, “as long as we are optimistic about the home court advantage, do what we should do, to all have been poured out on the pitch, then we will everything.” Warriors also clear that the thunder’s home is not good to play, the audience here is very noisy. “It’s definitely one of the most noisy games in the league,” said the warrior coach Cole. “There’s a lot of fans here in the past 6 or 7 years. This is a great hall, with a good team in their home court, it will be very interesting. This is the biggest challenge. I think our players will be ready to face the difficulties.” In 2 at the end of the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder of the war, curry in extra time in the final stages of hit a record 37 foot winner, shock alliance. “That is an important investment, key attack, in many ways, the night is really the ups and downs, various things happen


” Curry said, “to win the victory of extraordinary significance. The game behind us, to regain, and we finally pull into overtime way. From the regular season, it was an important victory for us. That’s an important one. But in the playoffs, it doesn’t make any sense.” “They did the work they were going to do.” Green said, “they come to our home and win a game. In the playoffs, when you go to the road to play, your motto is always to win the next war. They did it. Now it’s up to us to do our work, to win the next game, and to take back the home court advantage. G3 will be very important. This is not a final battle, but it is a game we want to win.” Author: Qiao Tete