[NBA] Green diary: Adams due to physical laws

Warriors is one of the greatest team in recent years, team of Drummond – Green has gradually become the NBA and the world of sports “temperament play”. He is good at leading the team with screaming, the same team emotion engine. His agreement with the website “the undefeated” senior writer Mark spears, he will for spears provide exclusive confidential, covering both inside and outside the field of life. Green hope, the diary can continue to win two consecutive warriors success so far. On Sunday evening (U. S. time) warriors in 7 games of the Western Conference finals with more than 105 133 is sits at home in thunder kuangtu, the total score of the series in 1 than 2 backward situation. All star striker Green played 31 minutes, 9 of the game 1 voted 6 in only points, although the contribution of 4 rebounds and 3 assists, but there are 4 mistakes, the realization of the struggle. The second quarter, Adams kicked his groin, was sentenced to a foul. Green believes the move is unintentional, but the alliance will review this action before the G4. Green Drummond’s Diary of thirteenth “I will tell Adams, ‘it’s not good for me, I didn’t mean to do that


‘” To tell the truth, I tried to catch up with him in the race. But I know what he is, and I think I know what he’s going to do. If he responded to me in the way I expected, the same way, I know what it means for me. I just made a mistake just standing there, just to catch up not to utter a single word, in the game he. I didn’t mean to kick him, whether he would believe it or not, I don’t think he would believe it, then I wouldn’t believe it, so I didn’t say anything at all. If I see him, I will give him an apology, I want to apologize to him. I feel that is a bit sad, “he will be suspended?” This kind of word makes people depressed. Obviously, I hurt him in second games. But can someone say that it was intentional? People might look at the move and say, “he’s done it again — he’s trying to hurt Adams again.” If I really did it on purpose, I would have made it so obvious? I know how important I am to my team. I will not be so obvious, don’t try to kick in that way. I will not do such a thing. To hurt someone… You can destroy him in more ways. Why do you do that? I know fans in their star to cheer, but they say it does not bother to me. [‘expelled him. I don’t think I’m going to be ejected from the game, that (a bad offense) completely shocked me, I immediately think that the evil should be revoked. If the ball moves to the left, foul is in the direction of the left, your body also skewed to the left, it should to lift the right physical phenomenon. You hit one side of the body, you should put the other side up, this is what I learned in the physics class. I don’t know my leg, it is totally unconscious, I don’t even know if I hurt him. From now on, we want to play every game as grab seven. We’ve had this before – the total final against the Cleveland last year, and the second round last year. We are not the first time from 2 to 1 behind the situation to fight back. However, every time we fall into that position, we have to fight back. We must make sure that we stick to the basic principles and do what we can to win. Thunder is a very good team. A very good team, very feisty. We expect them to be hard to beat. But no matter what other people do, we are not worried. If we do other personnel, everything is a matter of course. If we both play our best, I think we’ll be the winner. But if they play the best, but we played the worst tragedy will happen again tonight.” Hall star Payton has said that Green should not always be yelling at the referee. “He’s not a very quiet man himself. I watched him grow up. What he said is right and wrong, and that is the case. In my life, I won’t say anything to the unexpected. If I care what they say, I’m wasting it all day.” Author: Small Red Army