[NBA] Green: the main advantage of life and death is not important

Warriors on the road 108-101 victory over the thunder, will score level 3-3, theundefeated announced the latest article “Green’s diary”, compile the following text: this victory is critical, and the next G7 will is in our life is the most difficult match, certainly than the G6 also difficult to play. That is G7, G7 is always very difficult, two teams will be fully invested, so I think, home advantage also can not help what busy. Thunder is definitely not easily give up, they are really strong, will give us the trouble. But as long as we stick to our game, everything will be OK. In G6, we all play very easily, this is what we have always said, no matter how to insist on doing their own. From the team bus to the game, we are very relaxed, always enjoy the time together with each other. This is the champion, we have to hold on to the present. Our biggest change in the last two games is hard work and mentality. In the first half of the G6, we may be behind the 25 points, but we insist on live, even if the shot is not good, still struggling with the opponent, which can keep the hope of winning


Clay and Stephen play is very important, Clay first began to score, and Stephen’s defense is also very important, and at the crucial moment, he played the invincible play again. Isa (Green’s college coach) coach always said to me: “you want to do it yourself, I’m happy to see you, now you have to go on the stage to win the damn victory.” I played two bad games in Oklahoma City, I hope that in this last contribution. Their home fans are so strong that they gave me a hard look at the game and they didn’t want to see me again when we finally won. I think the best feeling in sports is the road to win. Although I enjoy G6’s victory, but the game has passed, and now we have to prepare for the G7. Our home court fans have good performance in the G5, I believe in G7, Oracle arena atmosphere is absolutely crazy. Now we do not care about the knight, eyes only and thunder G7. They’re going to do it, and we’re not going to have anything to do with the knight, just focus on the experience of life and death. Author: Kewell