[NBA] Green: Women’s basketball match against can learn more

Green Drummond has always been the best player in the team. He not curry or Thompson that with a gold spoon born “Dude”, in his basketball career has been underestimated, as the height of 6 feet 7 inches high striker, he in the NBA can what are the advantages? Green was recently in an interview with “Sports Illustrated” also talked to the he was NBA players look down on the feelings, whenever I in the area and seven foot alignment, flex is in the affirmative


“This guy actually feels like he has a bit of a bit of advantage!” Green likes to talk to himself like this, “he really thinks he can destroy me!” “Sometimes I’ll do this to myself.” He said, I am not in order to interfere with their opponents, but if it can interfere with them, I feel very good, anyway, I do not care.” And when Green can always use a flexible foot to find the offensive space, the 7 feet long man playing round and round, he will always show their muscles, hard to stare at the opponent. “I saw him drop his head.” Green said, “I heard him say to himself,” come on, what are you doing? He is so short!” Often encounter such a moment, green is very happy. “I think I make him dejected, the feeling is simply too great.” Green’s spirit is easy to be nervous, so he is always sleeping well. Watch the basketball game is his unique way to relax, he said he often watch basketball. “In NBA, some people think they can run to jump on the line, for the basic technology is not concerned about the root. I watch the WNBA game but can learn more, at least they know how to dribble, how to use the pace and trickery.” Green and curry is the warriors attack the most important instigators, curry’s terrible feeling has made many opponents know to just after half-time is staring at him, green also understand that he needs more keenly looking for teammates in the vacancy. “I will observe two defenders, big man and man in the corner.” He said, “if the big bottom shrinkage, people do not move, I can meet with the outgoing air. If the big man in the high angle in the people, then I chose to shoot or attack the basket. If big and bottom people in that I will shrink, the end angle. Someone is going to get a seat.” Author: Kewell