[NBA] imitation of the rocket? No Curitiba team opened the score

Reported on May 27: Western Conference finals game 5, the defending champion Golden State Warriors is 1-3 big score backward Ketui another day. They finally had the home court successfully regain a bureau. And the warriors in the fourth quarter began a wave of attacks in one fell swoop in one fell swoop, to lay the foundation for winning the next game. It is worth noting that, in this period, the warriors star Stephen – Curitiba did not present. Such a scene, we also have the series last year in the Houston rockets and the Losangeles clippers seen


Is the similar plot indicates that the warriors are expected to repeat the 1-3 reversal of the Rockets? Last year the rockets and the clippers series team match sixth war, rockets before the third quarter points difference once opened to 19 points, but they in the fourth quarter bold trust to Josh Smith led the brothers, and ultimately a single-cell played 40-15 score, the crazy reversal. The game, as the core of the Rockets Haddon scored only played 30 minutes, the key moment on the bench. In this game, the warriors and the thunder team is still hard to compete in the first three quarters. Beginning in the fourth quarter, the warriors did not play the same star curitiba. In the fourth quarter, two and a half minutes, the warriors rely on Barnes, Iguodala and others play, played the 10-0 offensive, in one fell swoop will be divided into two figures. And this period of time, to replace the curry playing point guard Livingston can say tribute to Wei, a sudden stop jump shot a back singles turnaround jumper is firmly hit. In the fourth quarter hit about 5 minutes, Curitiba still did not play. And Speights soon followed with began to get angry, continuous storm inroads, also caused the opponent’s foul, in less than a minute of time within 5 minutes (the audience Speights only played 8 minutes, 14 points scored). During this period, the warriors on the lineup on both ends of the court completely overwhelmed the thunder. It can also be said that the victory of the balance is also from this stage began to the warriors tilt. The situation is different with the Rockets, coach Cole did not completely abandon curitiba. He again in the next to the library re sent to play, curry did not live up to the coach’s trust, in the fourth Festival half completely taken over the warriors attack, eventually helped the team to win the victory in the game. Obviously, this is where the gap between harden and curry. Author: Hu Hu