[NBA] Jersey sales list: fourth is his first Curitiba

According to ESPN news, inheritance won the regular season most valuable player, the Golden State Warriors team headed star Stephen curry also succeeded in defending the union Jersey sales Championship throne. According to the data released by the NBA, in 2015-16 season during the regular season, curry’s jersey sales over the other any NBA player. According to the United States the largest franchise retailer Fanatics published data, Curitiba Jersey almost ruled across all states


In addition to Ohio and Oklahoma, Curitiba in the rest of the other states are all NBA first Jersey sales. This season, curry performed very well, he was the league’s scoring and steals. In addition, he also voted into the three 402 pointers, continue to refresh the record of their own to maintain a single season three points. Curry had just successfully defended the regular season most valuable player awards. He is also the history of the NBA first unanimously elected MVP player. In addition to the library, in the season announced officially retired by the Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant ranked second place in Jersey sales charts. The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Lebron James ranked third in the standings Jersey sales. Nicks, New York’s Pohl Zingis, who is the player with the highest sales volume in the season, is also ranked fourth in the league table. Pohl Zingis is also the Lebron and Anthony since the 2003-04 season, Jersey sales of the highest rookie players. Bohr Tianjin gisburn season in New York Nicks played the stunning performance, so it is adored by the fans. There are two star Jersey sales in the season has entered a new height. Oklahoma City Thunder which is the master point guard Wesbrook ranked sixth, while the former one is better than his partner Durant – Kevin. Jinzhou warriors star power forward Green – Drummond in Jersey sales standings ranked thirteenth. In team merchandise sales list above, Jinzhou Warriors also won the championship for second consecutive years. Ranked the top five team also includes the Chicago Bulls, the Los Angeles Lakers team, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks team. Warriors in the team’s merchandise sales list continues to be strong, and they have a good record of close relationship. This season, warriors under the leadership of curry, clay Thompson and green three players, not only to create best start record in league history, and has finally managed to break through the Chicago Bulls of the single season 72 wins and 10 losses, creating a 73 wins and 9 losses of new record. Author: Hu Hu