[NBA] Jones was on billom Bo nakedness was suspended

In game three of the Eastern Conference finals, the Raptors at home 99-84 victory. In the game appears a lot of controversy whistled, also the confrontation between the players action is also very large. And today, NBA also opened a ticket. Knight substitute Dahntay Jones with billon Bo card rebounding, deliberately billon Bo hit in the groin area, resulting in the Raptors center pain to kneel in. This is contrary to the athletics moral action also attracted Raptors great protest. Eventually, Jones was suspended from the League divided by a (unpaid) penalty, which means he can’t start on May 24 in Game 4 of the play. However, the impact of losing Jones for the knight is not big, he played a total of 20 minutes in the playoffs this year, get 7 points, is the team’s edge characters. Some experts said that knight the reason for the introduction of Jones, in the hope that he do the dirty work, even become “wicked” be punished. Because of the more intense confrontation in the playoffs, the main can not take the suspended risk


In addition, the Raptors coach Casey also accused the referee because fined $25000. In the third field after the end, he in a news conference wantonly attacked the referee, called billon drew to its whistle, pointed out that the Raptors in the fourth quarter without any penalty, also said billon Bo simply to be opponents “killed”, this is probably a Jones contrast Yong Bo attack action. Casey also criticized the referee blow fine scale is very problematic, there is no uniform scale to maintain a fair, I understand the game is more difficult to law enforcement, but some of the blow is really terrible.” After Casey said these words, the reporter on the scene expected that he will be fine, believe that Casey himself is ready. In the playoffs, the boss often this deliberate application fine, but also to the coalition, the referee and opponents to put pressure on 25000 dollars in exchange for a victory in the game, it is definitely worth the. Author: Kewell