[NBA] library 0 first quarter points the playoffs this year is the first

In today’s warriors G6 in the battle of life and death, although curry game warm-up state well, but he started poor state, he in the first section 3 0 vote, without a point and two mistakes

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This is the library in the playoffs this year for the first time in the first quarter was scoreless, is the fifth single 0 points. It is worth mentioning that the library of this five single 0 minutes, four have occurred in the Western Conference finals against the thunder in the. Have to admit, the thunder restrictions on doing curry is very good. The end of the first quarter, the warriors 20-23 behind. But curry score “the force of the explosion,” there is no doubt that we can definitely expect him to play in the next better, had 17 points in the overtime kuangkan is not he well. Author: Ouyang