[NBA] library for sister brother won MVP tears

NBA officially announced that the Jinzhou warriors guard curry elected 2015-16 MVP season, won the MVP award. He won all 131 first votes (1310 points), a history of the NBA unanimously elected the first person. The curry family after learning of the news have told him to congratulate. Curry’s sister Seidel curry is a college student, is also a volleyball player, got the news when she is preparing for his final exam. After knowing the news, Seidel posted a message on Twitter: “I went to the bathroom and cried, and 10 minutes later I had to make a PPT demo. I’m just so happy. I hope I can immediately return to the bay area, and the family celebrate. It’s incredible!” Local time this afternoon two, all members of the curry family will gather in Oracle arena, to participate in the curry’s award-winning news conference, on-site support their loved ones. Curry’s wife Ayesha is also the first time in the personal social media sun shine, and to her husband the congratulations: “congratulations to my MVP for the second consecutive year obtained the League MVP. Also, you are unanimously elected. I’m proud of you, my dear. And that’s what you deserve.” Curitiba, the season averaged 30.1 points and 5.4 rebounds, 6.7 assists and 2.1 steals money. He is also the League league scoring, steals. In addition. Curry also single season investment into the 402 three points, in to breaking the record of NBA history single season three ball (the previous record was created by him in the last season of 286) at the same time, also become history the first single season three points hit over 400 players. Curitiba player efficiency rating, victory contribution value, the real hit rate are ranked in the league. Curry this season or 180 club members: his shot hit rate was 50.4%, three points hit rate was 45.4%, the penalty kick hit rate of 90.8%. He is also from 1992 after Jordan, the first field has scored over 30, the shooting rate of over 50% of the guards. All these unbelievable achievements, let him become the first full MVP fully deserve the history. Curry’s family is that he made such a great achievement of the most solid backing


Curry’s father Dell curry was diverted three scorer in NBA history famous, he’ll end up good shooting genetic gave two sons. And Curry’s brother Seth curry although career no brother so dazzling, this season has in the Sacramento Kings played belongs to own a piece of land. Author: Hu Hu