[NBA] library for the Raptors Ambassador: hope he defended the mutiny

The Toronto Sun newspaper news, famous rapper Drake is a global ambassador for the Raptors, in order to win for the team, he is often hard propaganda, to the utmost support. However, now, Drake has a “mutiny”. Would you like to know which team Drake now supports? The answer is the warriors curry. Recently, CBS sports released Drake interview video, in an interview, Drake said hope curry return as soon as possible, and hope he successfully defended his title. “Curry is that as long as there is a court, he can go up dozen, will be able to hit the guy, because that is his life,” Drake said. “I wish him a speedy recovery, and I hope he can continue to play his performances this season and defend his title.” Obviously, Drake forgot his Raptors ambassador in speaking these words. After all, the Raptors still play in the playoffs, rather than being home. It should not support the Toronto Raptors, the last laugh, win? However, the Toronto Sun newspaper also try to Drake’s remarks to explain, said that it is possible that Drake said “successfully defended his title” refers only to the hope that the success of curry reigning MVP only, and not to the defending NBA champions. According to Beijing time news last night, the library of the season once again awarded the MVP, the specific official news was announced, curry may become MVP in NBA history through the first unanimously. Now can not determine the Drake said “defending” in the end is what meaning, however, taking into account the season curry and a warrior’s performance conquered countless people Drake even support for warriors, too, is understandable. Author: Qiao Tete