[NBA] Library: missed open 3 due to pressure away

On May 24 reported: yesterday the warriors with the thunder of the Western Conference finals G3 in, curry had a corner of vacancy 3 points not dropped into, but also a free throw no penalty, for curry, this level of the pitcher. This is very rare. “Mercury News” also interviewed on the matter of the library, and asked him when this happened, what he was thinking. At the library corner open 3 and free throws are displayed in the second quarter the thunder. “In this case, everything will be amplified.” Curry said, “for 4 minutes, what things are not, everything is not on our side. And then I got a vacancy opportunity, I missed, then the audience crazy celebration, they get the rebound, then hit the fast counter attack. ” “It’s also a further note of how out of control we are playing in the second quarter, especially when you are away on the road. The home team will use these to create their own advantage, thanks to this.” “It won’t affect our performance tomorrow. We’ll do what we need to do, and we’ll be doing what we need to do. I hope we can put these balls in tomorrow.” Yesterday’s game, curry played only 3, played 30 minutes, with 24 points (17 throw in 7, 11 3 3 free throws 8 7) and 5 rebounds and 3 assists. Because the 3 day after the warriors have nearly 40 points behind, so their main curry and nothing more


Author: Qiao Tete