[NBA] Lu said the knight did not pick opponents to fight the fight against the crown

On May 31 reported: according to ESPN, Cavaliers coach ty – Lu believes that knights in the finals of the fate is determined in their own tactical execution, rather than the Western Conference finals thunder and the warriors to grab the results of seven war. “(destiny) is absolutely up to us,” Lu said after today’s training, “but they are two very difficult teams. You see thunder, they have Wesbrook and Durant, for their defensive strategy will be different. You see the warriors, they have curry, Green, Thompson, for their defense strategy will be different.” “From the lineup matching angle and know you face is which team is the key, only in this way can you determine down, what would concentrate on what, what is can give up a strategic and what is absolutely can’t give up.” “Know who is really important, but what is more important is our own performance. If we keep step with, everything to do, we have no problem.” A reporter asked Lu, he is more inclined to play thunder or warriors, Lu said: we just want to play against the winner, no matter who wins. We are now preparing for our hands and we will have a chance to look at the finals after tonight.” From the data, the higher the chance to win the thunder knight. The regular season, knight and the thunder played 2 times all win, they at home more than 104 to 100 victory four points on the road is to 115 to 92 victory over the. And, if you hit the thunder Knight will have home court advantage, James – Lebron also has a psychological advantage for Durant, two people played 16 times Lebron won 13 times. Knights fight warrior is at a disadvantage, regular season two times fights Knight all lose, away to 83 than 89 lose, home is more than 98 to 132 fiasco. Last year’s finals, the knight with the warriors fight against 6 games in the final 2-4 defeat. Last November, JR- Smith once said that they hope to play against the final game with the warriors again, they are eager to get the opportunity to revenge. According to informed sources revealed that the understanding of a knight inner thoughts, Knight longs for warriors and realignment finals. They wanted to see in both sides fully attack can play what kind of performance. Because of the finals last year, Kevin Loew and Irvine were injured, a did not play in the NBA Finals, a played first game after the season for reimbursement. “We know we have 4 games to win,” Lu said. “We all know that. We enjoy the night in Toronto. It is an important night for us. To have the opportunity to two consecutive finals is very important, you don’t want to deny such a success. But on the second day, we know we still have 4 games to win, and that’s the end of the journey

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