[NBA] Lu Shuai: Loew ability is the league’s top ten

May 12th report: Loew – Kevin in the season is still facing a lot of doubt, although in the knight has played for two seasons, but he seems to have never found a true sense of belonging. But after the start of the playoffs, Loew recovered himself, began to really integrate into the team. In the first round of the first game, he played 28 points 13 rebounds performance. Knight in the first two rounds are sweeping opponents, and Loew field are 18.9 points and 12.5 rebounds, three points hit rate of 44.4%, the field has been voted into 3.5. As a knight of the big three, Loew’s tactical role and play with him in the past alone led have tremendous differences, and postseason play well, also means that he adapted to the their new role, and played more decisively and stable. Coach tyronn Lue also said: “yes, this is what we expect to see Kevin. I believe he has the ability of the league’s top ten, and he knows it. There are three all stars in our team, so there must be someone to make the sacrifice. He should have been out of it for the past year and a half, but now we are starting to use him in the right way, and he is very comfortable.” Although Loew in the basket there is no space, should abdicate LeBron and Irwin, but he just outside the area can get many chances to score. “Not only me, we have a better team.” Loew said, “Baltzer Moore said they let me shoot, so I dropped three points.” In the series of the eagles, Loew scored a total of three points in 19 points. Because the clear positioning tactics, his three hit rate than the conventional Saigao a lot. Asked about the tacit understanding of the big three, Loew said: “certainly has a problem, we must find and solve, but LeBron said, as long as the three man team set the tone, we can become stronger.” “And in the playoffs, we did it. Actually after the all star we on the rise period, although some played bad game, but in the face of some teams, we played very well, so maybe now we find the right way. We can also be more on the floor, this is definitely a good thing.” He said. In the 8 game of the playoffs, Knight three giants averaged 66.8 points, was to help the team win by 9.6 points. I have also experienced KG, Pearce, Ray – Allen’s three giants, they are veteran, know how to champion. And (Knight three) is very young


Carey 24, Kevin 27 years old, they have a long career, and our goal is to let them know what victory this year, our only goal is to win.” Author: Kewell