[NBA] melon position in the next quarter will continue to play for New York

Reported on May 12: Knicks star Carmelo Anthony recently in an interview made it clear that he didn’t in the summer for a deal to leave the Knicks plan, “yes, next season you will see that I will continue wearing the Knicks Jersey campaign figure, this is without a doubt.” Anthony said. This position is very worthy of attention, because in the previous interview, Anthony talked about his future topic, and did not give a clear statement. Last month, when a reporter asked melon, whether renounce the possibility of the terms of the transaction, Anthony has said: “for now, I will continue here without a team let me leave or I want to leave this conversation.” And this time Anthony in an interview with this clear statement, no doubt showed his attitude. Currently Nicks has become the focus of attention, the reason is that so far, New York has not yet clear who will become their new coach in the 2016-17 season. Although the all star forward and not directly involved in the selection process of the Knicks coach, but recently according to a source familiar with the situation said, Anthony to anecdotal, the Knicks are likely to hire former Cavaliers coach David Blatt served as the team’s manager to support attitude. At the same time, Blatter also holds an open attitude to coach Nicks, Phil President Jackson Steve and general manager Mills Nicks had met with Blatter last month. In addition, according to a source familiar with the situation said, temporary current Knicks coach Kurt Rambis is next season, the Knicks coach strong candidate. In addition to Blatter and Kurt Rambis, the Knicks also contacted the former Pacers coach Frank Vogel. It is not clear Jackson or mills is still with the other candidate in the coach was interviewed. In addition to the work of the construction team this summer, some sources said that although Nicks is currently in the hands and did not have the draft in 2016, but they are expected to fight through the operation to get a two round of. According to ESPN reporter Jeff Goodman revealed the news, Nix plans on June 10, the Indiana guard yogi – Ferrer trial is expected in the near future, the Knicks will for more players they are interesting players on trial. The Knicks can be purchased through the transaction or the way to get the second round draft pick, according to the provisions of the NBA League, a team in each season can be in the transaction or to buy players from overseas operations, $300 million in operating space. 2015-16 season in the regular season, Anthony has played 72 games for Nicks, the presence of all 35


1 minutes of playing time he can hand over 21.8 points, 7.7 rebounds, 4.2 assists in the transcript. This season Anthony’s annual salary of $22 million 800 thousand. Author: Mu Zili