[NBA] MVP: Beverly harden too few votes

Warrior master library was formally elected 2015-16 season NBA regular season MVP, which is adorable God for a second successive season obtained this award. In the official announcement of the news, the outside world have expressed congratulations to curry. Former NBA star Iverson has updated his twitter, sent a blessing on the above. “Congratulations, brother, you deserve this honor. You deserve it.” Iverson wrote on twitter, and at the end of the twitter account @ library. In the regular season, Curitiba, a total of for the warriors played 79 games, the presence of 34.2 minutes playing time deliver 30.1 points, 5

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4 rebounds and 6.7 assists and 2.1 steals, 0.2 times capping transcripts. It is worth mentioning is that curry’s shooting hit rate reached 50.4%, three points hit rate was 45.4%, free throws rate is reached 90.8%. The library also have become the NBA’s first entry into the 180 club scoring. In the outstanding performance of the curry, warriors in the regular season in a way through the clutter and, ultimately, the 73 wins and 9 negative record, this create a record in the NBA. Iverson in the 2000-01 season also had to get regular season MVP awards, the season he can hand over 31.1 points, 3.8 rebounds, 4.6 assists and 2.5 steals the transcripts. Coincidentally, the season Iverson and curry, an MVP award at the same time, with excellent performance won the regular season scoring and steals the award. In the appraisal of MVP can be described as several happy few unhappy, human library for the second year in a row was the league’s MVP send congratulations, and Rockets guard Beverly is teammate harden in the competitions in the MVP ranked low and grievance. According to reports, harden in the regular season MVP award in the third place vote, the four votes, and the five votes get one vote, final score of 9 points, in the MVP ranked ninth (eight are curry, Leonard, James, Russell Westbrook and Durant, Paul, de Raymond Greene, Lillard). This teammate Beverly complained, he in twitter to call a spade a spade on said: “I know I say this may bring some trouble, but beard (harden) in MVP rating how could only ranked ninth, this is impossible.” In the regular season, harden for the Rockets played the full 82 games, present were 38.1 minutes of playing time, he can hand over the full transcript 29.0 points, 6.1 rebounds and 7.5 assists and 1.7 steals. While the Rockets under the leadership of the harden made 41 wins, 41 of the negative record, the Rockets finally to the identity of the eight western take on a trip to the playoffs the last bus. Author: Mu Zili