[NBA] news! Rubio’s mother died of lung cancer

May 26 reported: according to ESPN reported, local time Wednesday, the Minnesota Timberwolves starting control point guard Ricky Rubio Tuona – dvis suffering from lung cancer died, at the age of only 56 years old. Rubio’s family issued a statement: “we are very sad to announce the news to everyone. On Wednesday May 25th, Daytona Vives died because of ineffective treatment of lung cancer. Tona is always our wife, mother, grandmother, and good friends. We are very sad to lose this forever worthy of the mind of the women. She has a huge impact on the family will never be forgotten.” Since the end of the regular season this season, Rubio will be the first time to take the plane to return to Spain, and his family to take care of the mother. Tona’s funeral will be held in Barcelona on Friday. Rubio’s mother, who was also a basketball player, had been diagnosed with lung cancer. During this season, Rubio is still in the NBA campaign, his mother is also actively and cancer of the indomitable struggle. Despite the Timberwolves this season once again missed the playoffs, but as a generation of talented control Wei Rubio this season to play a decent, a total for the team played 76 games, games are played 30.6 minutes, as a contribution to the team 10.1 points and 4.3 rebounds 8.6 assists and 2.1 steals. Performance is very comprehensive


The Minnesota Timberwolves official also issued a statement of mourning. The Timberwolves in a statement said: “news that Rubio’s mother Daytona – dvis died of illness, our team was deeply saddened. We to the Daytona Vives condolences, to Rubio a my sympathy, hope they can through this difficult time. ” Despite the Timberwolves this season did not make the playoffs, but the team of young people or showed solidarity to the team atmosphere. Rubio and the team in Downes, Dwiggins and other potential young Lavin get along very well. After news that, Rubio’s teammate downs and Lavin, who is also the first time through social media to a teammate sent condolences and blessings. Timberwolves players this season, suffered a series of coach and relatives had died. As early as 2015 on October 26, the Timberwolves president of basketball operations concurrently general manager Philip Saunders because patients with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and died, at the age of 60. Saunders was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in August. Subsequently, the Timberwolves announced Sanders will be sidelined for the entire season to accept treatment, but Saunders after treatment has not improved, in September’s condition deteriorated, eventually died of illness. Author: Hu Hu