[NBA] “no brain beast” hug his neck down LBJ eat evil crime

The Eastern Conference finals series third war begins today, the Cleveland Cavaliers away Toronto raptors. In this game, the Raptors completely prevailed, and one of the main center of their billom Bo is a great tribute to. He not only frequently send blocks, also grab 20 rebounds, hit the passion billon Bo frequently show Deke wagging his finger, and interpretation of the bolt’s bow archery signs. However, the fervor billom Bo also appears unable to control their emotions. And especially in the defense of Lebron James on that point, billom Bo action or too big. In the fourth quarter of 3 minutes and 21 seconds left in the game, Lebron ball broke through Bi Yongbo, two people staged a positive match. Lebron shot at billom Bo directly hug his neck from behind Lebron on the floor with his arm. This is not a calm action so that Lebron is also anxious to find the referee. Finally, the referee after the video to see, decides to call a billom Bo foul. There is no doubt, billon Bo on the pitch is absolutely a full of passion of the player, his performance is definitely the his salary

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And Bi Yongbo was never afraid to play against Lebron. Previously, he once said, I never afraid of Lebron, he is not on the prairie lion! The game, Bo billon thoroughly PA system for the basket, not only a series of capping the Cavaliers player inside a strong conflict, let the Cavaliers in the paint can not find the great advantages of the first two games. In rebounding, billom Bo also grabbed the 20+ rebounds, including nearly 10 rebounds. Bi Yongbo’s performance, and ultimately help the Raptors occupy a great advantage. Of course, we have always been, playing basketball is not the right person for the ball. Bi Yongbo Lebron for this vicious foul seemed a bit pointless indeed. Author: Hu Hu