[NBA] number of teams in favor of the first round of the first round of Zhou Qijin a foregone conclusion

“I now at hand to grasp the information, Zhouqi in Chicago joint workout is generally optimistic and obtained in several teams separate trial evaluation is also very high. In the current situation, Zhou Qi first round selection probability of NBA is almost one hundred percent.” A scout told anonymous from the east. Recommended reading: Zhou Qi’s draft increasingly bullish market. After attending the Chicago joint workout, Zhou Qi non-stop, to participate in a series of separate trial Celtic, grizzly bear, and the sun three teams. In three days time removed in the eastern United States and southwest, tiring, for three consecutive days, accept a separate trial, which for Zhou Qi fitness is a great test. However, Zhou Qi’s performance has been the three team’s high degree of affirmation. “Trial in Chicago, I at the scene, I and many of the team’s executives, scouts and coaches to exchange, almost all of the team are to Zhou Qi evaluation is very high, which makes his bullish many.” The Scout is very optimistic about the prospect of Zhou Qi, “every person that he is very thin, worried about his ability to fight, but everyone see his advantages, is very good jumper, athletic ability is also very good, mobile speed is very fast, the ball very easily. His weight can be increased, but it’s difficult to teach other things


” In the connection of separate trial by the team after the first round, Zhou Qi selected the possibility of NBA almost a foregone conclusion. “Each trial are aware of his team, he is very talented, very good technology, has a good shooting touch. Now several teams are willing to pick him in the first round, and they all want him to join their team. So, I think he should have no problem in the first round of the first round of this year.” The Scout said. Author: Zhang Qiang