[NBA] number: Warriors reversal OK era Lakers

On May 29 reported: NBA today and a Western Conference finals contest warriors away defeats the thunder, with G6, let us work together to see which is concerned with the data record, warriors 108-101 defeats the thunder, “spray brothers together to force, when entering the 4th, the warrior is 75 83 backwardness, in the last 5 minutes of the game and they were also behind 7 points. Warriors become 16 years to the first team after losing the game will be out and in the distal trailed 8 also won a division finals match team


On a like a warrior that team is “OK combination” era of the Lakers, they in the 2000 Western Conference finals G7 distal last 10 minutes 60-75 behind blazers, but ultimately 89-84 win. Today Thompson three 18 shots 11, NBA created a playoff record three points. He scored 41 points, he also became the only second in the history of the in a game away in the final score of 40 points while the team to win the series forced into the seven players. 4 years ago, Lebron had a similar performance. He scored 45 points in the heat and the Celtics away game G6, to help the heat 98-79 defeated the green army, after the heat won the seven, and in the finals to beat the thunder. Thompson and curry added up to a total vote in 17 three points, which also created the a pair of teammates in a postseason CIC as most records. The old record is three 15 points, the Mavericks Terry (9), Stojakovi (6) in May 9, 2011 to create the lakers. Durant today 31 shot 10, Westbrook 10 of 27 shots, which and the playoffs this year thunder lose calf that a like, April 19, Durant 33 voted 7, Westbrook 22 shots in 8, the last 20 years, only also twice appeared two teammates in a team in a playoff game with combined investment loss of mobile warfare shot reached 38 goals or more. One was 1997, Jordan and Pippin; the other was in 2002, Pearce and Walker Anthony. Author: Qiao Tete