[NBA] official website: Super League endorsement Huangcheng Jim Curitiba

May 12th: Stephen – Curitiba, stunning the league in the last two years of the outbreak. He has already won a championship, won two regular season MVP, was elected this year successfully defended or unanimously in is no doubt that the he now superstar status. The NBA’s official website experts also discussed now library status, Sean Powell said, he believes that the library has become the new spokesperson in the league. “I think now, curry state exactly, I am willing to agree with him is better than LeBron strong. This is because his team is playing better, on season finals they still beat a knight.” “This season, the warriors then scored 73 wins, and the library of personal data and can only be used to describe the incredible progress.” Powell said, “so now, he is the spokesperson of the alliance.” Even if all experts agree that curry’s personal ability, but he was unanimously elected MVP attracted a number of questions. After all, great as MJ, O’Neill are not unanimously elected, so even the Tracy McGrady also now less player in this league, competition is fierce to explain this phenomenon. If the same era star, fierce competition, the MVP campaign is destined not one-sided situation. McGrady with the 1995-96 season Jordan for instance, he led the bulls to 72 wins, are not unanimously elected MVP, why? Not is with fierce competition there are many Bulls team, star duel between each other. Powell said: “I was elected to the library all have opinions? no。 I have an opinion history first unanimously elected MVP on him? Also really have

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Because in the past so many great players are not able to do, the field are 50 points Chamberlain did not, Russell – Michael, Jordan – Bill, and so did not do.” “Of course, I this year Stephen unanimously elected is absolutely no opinion, because he is the most deserving, considering he headed hit record and personal performance, press a root not one can compete with him.” Powell said. Author: Kewell