[NBA] really help younger brother! LBJ kick to pay the fine

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported, Cavaliers star LeBron James in an interview said you will be hit billon Bo to uncover her nakedness Dahntay Jones to pay a fine. In addition, when asked about what Adams Green has to play, Lebron is clever to say that there is no view. Eastern Conference finals for the third game, the Cavaliers on the road to 84-99 lose to the Raptors, encounter the team into the playoffs since their first defeat. Knight substitute Dahntay Jones with billon Bo card rebounding, deliberately billon Bo hit in the groin area, resulting in the Raptors center pain to kneel in. This is contrary to the athletics moral action also attracted Raptors great protest. While Jones has repeatedly claimed that he was unintentional, and eventually he was suspended from the League divided by a (unpaid) penalty, which means that he was unable to start on May 24 in Game 4 of the play. In addition, Jones was sentenced to a fine of this season salary 1/110, because Jones is at the end of the regular season to join him in the regular season salary of only $8800. So the amount of the fine is $80. Of course, Lebron didn’t know, he only had to pay $80


However, Jones still smiled and said: no matter any, he is a good teammate.” In the Oklahoma Oklahoma thunder team against the Golden State Warriors game, the warriors forward Drummond – Green kicked in the thunder team center Adams nakedness green spot was blowing a flagrant foul penalty. The media also asked Lebron about the incident. Lebron said, “I don’t have any idea about it. NBA didn’t ask me about Jones when he was punished. So they absolutely don’t want to hear my opinion about Green.” Whether the Cavaliers or Raptors for the referee penalty in this series are not satisfied. Cavaliers side dissatisfaction with the Raptors player for LeBron’s brutal fouls, and raptors coach Casey is because questioned the referee and was fined $25000. For the game, LeBron said: “for tonight’s game, I have appointed a plan, believe the plan will be to help the team.” In the G3 game, the Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue said that they should develop more tactics for Lebron. And Lebron also said that other people should not open the ball to their own situation. Author: Hu Hu