[NBA] security does not know the Deluozan Toronto Home Court embarrassed!

Yesterday, the Raptors will just give the audience a very touching home court victory, the series a total score 1 to 2. Although still a big deficit, has not been optimistic about the outside world, but they are still likely to take a home court victory. One of the best in the Deluozan Toronto Star to play G3, 12 of 24 shots and scored 32 points and 5 rebounds, is one of the Raptors win. In addition, because is Canada’s only child, so Toronto in Canada very high popularity. As long as they are in the playoffs, regardless of the subject field, Air Canada Center is full of fans forever ebullience. DeRozan himself as the team’s top star in Canada, the popularity of it is needless to say. However, there is not a security Toronto Home Court know DeRozan, also nearly because of this sudden oolong. Things happen G3 after the end of the day, according to the Cleveland honest person signs up for “the reporter Chris Haynes broke. Derozan came to the Air Canada Centre, originally is to accept the interview with ESPN reporter Duoluosi – Burke’s. After he entered the hall, a female security guard stopped him, and asked him not to work here. Then she called backup, called his colleagues. Her reinforcements arrived, see stays on the pitch is Lori and DeMar Derozan, quickly to his colleagues said: “this is our two best players.” The netizen said: “haha, funny is that people in cleveland.” Still the netizen posted a video, Lori side side with the people speak walked into the hall, the door has a security extended fist a fist bump ceremony, but Lori and paid no attention to the security guard, or selfishly walk with him to. The security guard hands spread out, shook his head, with an embarrassed laugh. The net friend joked: “it must be this guy.” Some netizens pointed out: “hit the nail on the head,” she is after all. “.” Perhaps female security usually do not pay attention to the game, would like to know each star is very difficult. Coincidentally, three at the end of this year, Jeremy Lin also exposes a lot of the venues do not understand their own security. He said: “one day in Broolyn, I was going to leave the Barclays center, the result of a female security guard stopped me and said: ‘I have seen your documents to let you pass.’ Then another person nearby said: “he is a player, he is all right.”” Indeed many arena staff can not do the players familiar, the brush face failure of things have occurred


But their home court security do not know their core players, some of which is frightful to the ear. Author: Small Red Army