[NBA] tell you where the patron saint of 7 warriors cap “potential”

Warriors went on and pioneer of confrontation, in the G4, green with 21 points and 9 rebounds and 5 assists, 7 blocks (a career high, in team history), and 4 steals, warriors eventually 132-125 beat the Blazers, with a total score of 3-1 lead. The library is back, but to play off the bench, so start warriors on the floor there is no library. The first half of the game, the warriors are very passive, Green’s role is not obvious. After the loss, Green said that although he played a very good personal data, but the defensive end performance is too poor, the warriors will play a good game, but will win. But from the scene point of view, today will be a tough warrior. The entire first half, green did not how to participate in the attack, but passing, defense, but the general effect, each warrior finisher are the same as no sight, all. On the defensive, warriors of the substitution is not good, green station location selection are poor, coupled with the Blazers feel hot. So the score is seriously lagging behind. It is worth mentioning that no half Green offensive rebounds and blocked shots to send 2

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The second half, Green shot is not much, but only a campaign goal is 3 points. To be happy is that green cap is still strong, today he built Hakelisi, McCollum, Plumley. Soon, his cap reached 6 times, and this is his career high (including regular season and playoffs). However, green emotional problems should better control, today’s game him very early on the back of the body with three fouls, after he repeatedly and the referee representations some controversial penalty, including conventional time last foul, warriors assistant Luke Walton quickly stepped forward to pull him back. The warriors and the Blazers into overtime, the game was over but Green curry, the defense and hustle or his value. In the end, the warriors won, the total score 3-1 lead. Author: Qiao Tete