[NBA] Thompson: I have been awesome at both ends

May 16, reported Associated Press news, the warriors will be thunder and the expansion in the western finals clash, the curry, the opponent is no stranger. “In recent 3 years, we and the thunder played game played with ornamental, most of the time is to run-off, so you can imagine, to the playoffs will what is the scene,” curry said, “each round will is the key.” Obviously, in this series, the defense will be very important, especially the two sides to each other’s defense of the arrow characters. This is a test for the mighty Thompson. The first round of the core, harden him on the defensive end is mainly responsible for the anti rocket, the second round is the Blazers lillard. Now, Wesbrook is likely to be his main target. “It’s fun,” Thompson said


“I’ve never been on the offensive side and the defensive end. I continue to defend 5 games, and I have a good attack at the end of the vote. Of course, there’s a great home court advantage. In each series, you have to reset your own state of mind, to enhance the energy. Defense, defense harden Lillard, hope it can also cope well with Wesbrook and Durant’s challenge.” Thunder is a team in the NBA rebounding is strong, Durant, Ibaka, Adams will rebound, their margin of victory of the backboard 8.4, than the second team more than doubled. Even Wesbrook on offensive rebounds for no more than any PG difference. “It’s a different series, we definitely have to get a better performance,” said the warrior coach, Cole. “It’s a bigger team and the rebound will be the key.” However, the library still have confidence. “We are thunder won almost 30 rebounds, we still won. I’ve never heard of a team which has such performance,” curry said. Author: Qiao Tete