[NBA] throws innovation low! James: come down to me

According to ESPN, the Eastern Conference finals Knight 2 than 0 banner raptors, while the Raptors to Cleveland two historical levels of three projected decline, but in many areas they still did not do a good job. For example, the death knight Toronto five squad no way. From the first round hit the piston starts, the knight in the rotation time will let LeBron James with dellavedova, Schubert, Jefferson, Frye four strikers were present together, the playoffs this set of lineups per 100 possessions margin of victory 46 points. This is the league’s most efficient team, the warriors five more horrible than death. The conventional Saitailun – Lu never used this lineup, he is more inclined to let Irwin led the second echelon. From the piston 2 began, Lu began LeBron with the second echelon, this change also won the Detroit coach Stan van Gundy praised, van Gundy said: “this move really very clever, I want to praise his adjustment.” Now, this knight lineup makes the opponent a headache, the Raptors coach Casey has not found the way to deal with. He said: “to find ways to deal with in my responsibility, Frye played center, Lebron hit the big striker, counterpoint is a trouble. What do you do? Billom Bo guard baskets is very good, but his position in the three – point line, Frye’s shadow over the audience.” Casey did not disclose how he intends to deal with, he would let Paterson go on Lebron or billom bo. Also this season, LeBron outside shooting is very inefficient, his free throw is also very bad, the playoffs the penalty kick hit probability only 6 into a career low, nearly three games he missed them 24 only 11. Because LeBron in passing, the inside end hand played a dominant performance, from two rights harm the light angle, raptors may he uses Hack-A-Shaq, as far as possible to foul him that he shot. “I’m not worried,” Lebron said. “I’m just as aggressive as the first two. If I stand on the line, I’ll be fine


” There is a way the Raptors may be used, that is to use more fierce defense against irwin. Playoffs. Irwin is extremely prominent. He was bang 24.8 points is the knight in scoring, the two ball and one-third of the ball hit rate reached 5%. Next, the Raptors may will take defensive attack, using a more aggressive defense against Irwin, forced him to the ball came out. In the past the Raptors have used this trick, the effect is good. “We must let the Irwin came to the ball,” Derozan said. “We have to use more aggressive defense against him.” Above a few strokes can be effective? Toronto is still looking for the answer, at least they did not give up. “We didn’t give up,” said Casey. “I don’t think anyone has given up in the dressing room, everyone can bury us, but we won’t give up.” Author: SK