[NBA] thunder win probability rose to the League first

Before the playoffs start, there will be no too many people to predict Oklahoma City Thunder can go too far in the playoffs. However, the current thunder team first round out of the calf, the second round of the Spurs, and now in the series with the defending champion Jinzhou warriors scored a total score of 2-1 lead. With the thunder in the playoffs a stride forward singing militant songs, their title prospects are optimistic about the media gradually

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At present, the thunder team’s winning probability has risen to 37%, ranking the first of the four teams in the East and West. Before the start of the playoffs, when the BPI ESPN data (basketball strength index) to predict the thunder team’s winning probability is only 6%. Even if they are in the first round of the playoffs easily defeated the Dallas Mavericks, people also think thunder beat the old Mavericks and no convincing, so the probability of winning their still 6%. At that time, there are not too many people optimistic about the thunder can beat the regular season has made 67 wins and 15 wins in the Sanantonio spurs. However, the thunder team and the Spurs in the series of the game once again become a laugh to the last team. With the thunder into the Western Conference finals, their chances of winning the championship also rose to 19%. However, in this group of warriors and warriors duel, people are still more optimistic about the defending champion. Then, the thunder team once again began to face slapping his trip, they in the first three games in the face of defending champion made a total score of 2-1 in the leading, which makes their probability of winning for the first time beyond the Golden State Warriors, become the East and west of the final four teams in the highest a. After the thunder team is the defending champion. Despite the series of third war defeat in the thunder team, but the team’s winning probability is still up to 32%. That is to say, the thunder team in the West and the champion of the warriors reached 69%. And for the two teams in the East, ESPN is not very optimistic about the. The Cavaliers and the Raptors in the Eastern Conference finals to draw 2-2 potential. But in the ESPN view, in the first two rounds of the playoffs have been swept by the winning probability of the Knights of the order of 27%. But the lack of superstar Toronto Raptors is completely ESPN flat. Despite the Raptors in against Cleveland series Lianban two innings, but according to the prediction of ESPN, raptors win probability only weak 4%. Even the Raptors at home winning streak of two innings, but their promotion probability is still only 31% in, raptors and the Cavaliers this group showdown. Obviously, in ESPN’s view, the Raptors hard to beat the Cavaliers to the NBA finals. And even into the finals, they want to defeat the thunder and the champion of the winner, but also almost impossible. Author: Hu Hu